An old memorie

The Description:
This Level is rarely accessible because it would have self-consciousness, it consists of a white room with an immeasurable size and a blue door at what seems to be the center of this level. The door is made of a blue Crystal which seems to be between Lapis Lazuli and Sapphire.

There are normally no entities and rarely Argos is in this level. It's not safe but it's also not dangerous, it all depends on who is lucky or unlucky to get into this level.

Once you arrive in this level you will see it in its true form for 20 seconds which is just the white room in question. After these 20 seconds past the level will continuously change depending on your memories once your memories come to reality they will take on their own life and self awareness they will act according to what you remember and if you interfere with them there is danger. high chance that you will lose your mind and go crazy in this level, none of your memories can interfere with each other because they are invisible with each other. If 2 people enter this level they will not see the same thing and the time that elapses before the start of the anomaly will increase by 20 seconds more, therefore 40 seconds in all.

To enter this level the easiest but less reliable way is to simply stand where you are and turn around 10 times and normally a poster marked "Be free" appears in your vision if you come into contact with this poster a corridor will stand behind you with a door, if it is blue you can access it but if it is an unknown color or a different style than a house RUN as fast as possible because when you do this, the door sucks people into the level where this door belongs which would be a random negative level or in rare cases the level [!]

Eye of Argos
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