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Class 3

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The Main Area of the level, showing a way to The Ceiling.


The looking of The Resemblance Area.


A ramp on of The Resemblance Area.


The Tunnel from the level.


The Ceiling.

Level 0.7 is a Sub-Level between Level 0 and Level 1 in The Backrooms.


Level 0.7 its a non-linear space, similar to Level 0, but you have to be 2 kilometers far for the space to change.

The Level 0.7 is composed on four sections: The Main Area, The Resemblance, The Tunnel, and The Ceiling.

The Main Area

The Main Area is the most common area of the Level, however, it is rare for someone entering the level to come across this area first.
The structure of this zone goes in all directions, using ladders to move up and down. Ladders or hallways that leads to dark zone will take you to The Ceiling of the level.
This area does not have a significant amount of entities, only residing Hounds and Child Facelings.
This area of the level is the most stable and has no negative effects.

The Resemblance

The Resemblance is the most similar to Level 0, it's structure is really messy, having ramps in the middle of the level. The ramps on this zone can be just a meter tall, or kilometers tall, but its really strange to see ramps that tall. Once an explorer reported to see a ramp, that was so tall that he could not see the bottom. It is unknown the size of the level, but it is believed to be infinite.

This zone of the level has almost no entities, but on some areas where it's dark. The only entity known on the dark areas are Smilers, it is not recommended to go through those areas, it is unknown what kind of entities are inside this zone.

This zone of the level makes you feel tired, and without motivation for taking decisions , but this effect can be easily avoided with Almond Water.

This zone has electricity, however it does not have an internet connection.

The Tunnel

The tunnel is a zone of the Level 0.7, it can be accessed by founding a hole in a wall of the level, and can be exit the same way. It is not recommended to enter this zone of the levels.
It is dark, and believed to be infinite.

It has an effect that makes you feel watched, scared and stress you out. It is the zone with more entities, being the only known entities Smilers, Windows, and Hounds.

Surprisingly, you can find Almond Water. on this zone, and it is believed to have Smiler Repellent, but nothing is confirmed. However it's still not recommended to enter here.

The Ceiling

This is the most dangerous zone of the Level and should be avoided at all costs.
This zone of the level consists of a plane in a dark and windy environment, where the temperature reaches 2ยบ Celsius.
This zone is the most unstable, and accidental no-clipping to Level 6 can happen.
There are 4 known entities on this area, Smilers, Clumps, Hounds and Child Facelings.


Bases, Communities, and Outposts

There are not known bases, communities, or outposts.


This level can only be entered through Level 0 or Level 0.2, you have to find a ramp, and no-clip through it.


You can exit by no-clipping through a ramp, taking you to Level 0.

On The Ceiling of the level, accidental no-clipping to Level 6 can happen.

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