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Class habitable

  • You
  • Are
  • Safe

You've been traveling through the backrooms, and you've finally escaped. You're home. Finally home. No more running from entities, no more desperately seeking Almond Water. And, wouldn't you have it, your most beloved person is here to greet you.

Welcome home.

Welcome home.

WeLcome Home.

wElcome hOme

welcoME hoME

WellcOme HoMME




Welcome home, darling. I'm so happy you're here! Finally, you are safe and sound at
home from those dreadful backrooms. I've been waiting for you here
darling, waiting and keeping everything just the way it was.
You're probably so tired. Why don't you rest? I'm
going nowhere, so you just relax. I want you
to just relax. I thought you might
die in there, please stay
in our home. Stay

Don't listen to them, darling.
Wake up, traveler.

Try to tune them out,
Death will take you.

To dedicate yourself to me again.
Ignore the deception

Leave them behind.
Now wake up.


Class deadzone

  • Severe Fire Hazard
  • Carcinogenic Atmosphere
  • Anomalous Entity



[Photo of The Woman escaping, the back of the photo has the word "Atlas" written on it.]

Level 854 is the 855th Level of the Backrooms. It resembles that of a home burnt to cinders, the walls blackened and the ceiling collapsed in certain places. Some parts of the level can contain active fires, and the air is thickly laden with smoke.

Upon entering this level one will find themselves in their home in The Frontrooms, precisely as they remember it before they left reality. Their most cherished loved one will appear, attempting to comfort them and welcome them home. This is a deception, please refer to the next section for strategies regarding this dangerous situation.

Exploring this level is highly dangerous, and it is recommended that explorers make haste for the front door to exit the level. The level has a square floorplan, and fires that only harm the wanderer travel counterclockwise following the walls through the house. It is advised that one goes counterclockwise as well to avoid being burned. The level itself is small, about 200,000 square feet. It is three floors high, and the exit can be found at the bottom of the level. Wanderers can enter on any floor, however, so

The Woman

An insidious, anomalous entity inhabits Level 854. Dubbed "The Woman" in reference to the feminine shape under its ghastly, burnt skin, the entity will wrap unwary wanderers in vivid hallucinations, attempting to trick them into staying long enough to die. The Woman will trap travelers in Level 854 where they will quickly succumb to the polluted air or roving fires. The entity will call for you, parroting the loved one it is impersonating. It will say anything it can to fool its prey, specifically targeting wanderers with a weak constitution or that were caught unaware.

There have been three reported methods of escape:
*Realize you are being manipulated and psychology force the entity out of your mind.
*Misremember your home in such a way that it brings harm to the entity posing as a loved one.
*Successfully attacking the entity during the illusion.

The entity itself is physically unable to fight. Once one has broken out of the dream, The Woman will immediately no-clip away to safety and leave their victim alone. This will grant a reprieve so that wanderers may seek the front door and exit into the REDACTED.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

As a deadzone, explorers cannot survive due to the toxic air and rampant fires.

Entrances And Exits


  • The only known entrance to this level is through entering door "351" from Level 853


  • Exiting through the front door leads to a currently undocumented level.

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