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Class habitable

  • You
  • Are
  • Safe

You've been traveling through the backrooms and you've finally escaped. You're home. Finally home. No more running from entities, no more desperately seeking Almond Water. And, wouldn't you have it, your most beloved person is here to greet you.

Welcome home darling, I'm so happy you're here! Finally, you are safe and sound at
home from those dreadful backrooms. I've been waiting for you here
darling, waiting and keeping everything just the way it was.
You're probably so tired. Why don't you rest? I'm
going nowhere, so you just relax. I want you
to just relax. I thought you might
die in there, please stay
in our home. Stay

Welcome home.

Why don't you rest?

You've earned it.

I'm glad you're finally home.

WelcOMe hOmE




Wake up, traveler.

Wake up…

Don't fall for it.

Wake up!

Why won't anyone help me?

People just die, or run away.

Help me.

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