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Class 5

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Level 235 is the 236th Level of the Backrooms.
This level looks like The Hub and is upside down


Level 235 is the 236th level of the backrooms. Most of the time, this level is a near exact replica of The Hub, although inverted. The levels gravity is pulled towards it's roof, which is the floor, and perspectives are changed to where the road is now the roof. This is the same for all other varitions of this level. All of the gates leading to different levels now lead to negative counterparts of that same level. For example. level 0 leads to level -0, level 1 leads to level -1, so on and so forth. This level is riddled with entities, such as Clumps, Skin-Stealers, Female Deathmoths, Smilers, and Facelings. If anyone is to enter these doors, the level will then take on the appearance of that level for a period of t̷̡̖͎̳̉̓͠w̶̤̞̫̓ę̶̭̊n̸̡̢̛̫ͅt̴̠̻̖̀̇̈́DACTED] hours. This can also occur within an unknown amount of time.

Colonies And Outposts

We Are Here

Population: 75 People
Open To Trading
Open To New Members
Objective: Explore This Level

Outpost Outpost BSBH-491

Typical Outpost
27 deployed soldiers

Entrances And Exits:


Sitting upon an orange chair in Level 375 will shift you here.


Opening and subsequently walking through them will lead you to that specific negative level, or breaking the roof of Level 235 can get you to The Hub

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