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Level 159, is the 160th level of The Backrooms, first discovered on 23/09/2014.


Level 159 is a 1:1000 replica of New York city that repeats until the 32-bit integer limit. Only 1 wanderer is known to have made it to the end but never was seen again. The main feature of this level is vending machine's which seems to have infinity amount of items. The level is split into 4 areas:

  • The first is the most "normal" and safest one.
  • The second area is dark and weird. Wanderers found flying cars and buildings.
  • The third area is more dangerous than the last one, entities such as Skin-Stealers and Facelings can be found here, all buildings and objects are either flying or are upside down.
  • The fourth area is pitch black darkness so wanderers can only see their body, area is infested with entities like Windows, Skin-Stealers, Facelings, Death Rats and Clumps. Buildings are in magenta color or in their orginal but inverted version.

Only 2 made it to fourth area and only 1 returned, more info can be found in log #1. It is speculated that area 5 exist and when you enter it, you get teleported to level 998.


Picture illustrating Level 159 areas.


This level has 3 anomalous events that happens every 4 hours in random order.

  • The first one are atm's dropping money. M.E.G is currently searching the reason why this happens. 5 minutes is the longest time recorded of this happening and estimated amount of money was ~4500$ from one atm.
  • The second event happens only when someone tries to start a car engine which will cause all doors from this level closed and locked from ~15 minutes to even ~10 days.
  • The third and rarest event is Blackout, when this happens, every electronic device turns off, this event happened only 2 times and the longest recorded time was 2 months which caused ~20% of wanderers die due to food which require cooling in fridge being rottened.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

M.E.G (Major Explorer Group) Outpost "Citizens"

  • Outpost founded on 30/11/2014 and finished on 04/01/2015
  • Their task is to research the whole level and find new ways to exit
  • Outpost counts 86 members

The Farmers

  • Date of founding this group is unknown
  • Their main objective is to farm food and storage water
  • Group counts 27 members
  • They are open for trading food and water

The Guards

  • Date of founding is unknown but they are the first group created on this level
  • Their objective is to try to make third area safe
  • Group counts 54 members
  • They are open for trading weapons, food and water

Entrances And Exits:



  • Exploring deep enough underground car parkings will teleport you to level 1
  • Crawling through opened pipes will teleport you to level 2
  • Finding a swing in alley and swinging on it for ~2 hours will result in either teleporting to level 160 or level 63
  • Jumping into a water pool will teleport you to level 8
  • Entering any bank building and using elevator to get to floor 12 will result in teleporting to level 277
  • No-clipping through atm will teleport you to sub-level 5.1


Log #1 "Fifty-Four":

Jake: We are halfway done to the end of Area 4.
M.E.G Operative: What with Peter?
Jake: He has a broken arm but everything else is fine.
M.E.G Operative: How much food and water you have left?
Jake: We got 30 almond water bottles and 2 cardboxes of food.
*15 minutes later*
Peter: Ouch!
Jake: Peter, are you okay?
Holy shit, you're bloodi- oh fuck!
M.E.G Operative: What's happening?
Jake: 13 Skin-Stealers, they was following the blood line.
*8 minutes later*
Jake: Alright, they are gone.
M.E.G Operative: What with Peter?
Jake: He's fine.
M.E.G Operative: I sent 12 members to help you, tell Peter to go back to Area 1.
Jake: Okay Peter, since your body is damaged, you need to go back to Area 1, take 15 bottles and 1 cardbox.
Jake: Go now!
*97 minutes later*
Jake: The last 15 meters… What with Peter?
M.E.G Operative: Our members got him, he's 2 kilometers way from base, tell me what do you see.
Jake: Thank god he made it, im almost there, I see *unintelligible*
M.E.G Operative: Please say again, we are having problems with our radio.
Jake: oh god, so white, everything looks like- ah shit, they saw me, oh fuc-
M.E.G Operative: Jake? Jake? We lost him…

Log #2 "06/06/2016":

Object 1: We are here to 𝕙𝕖𝕝𝕡 you.
Object 2: Join us, you will be having 𝕗𝕦𝕟.

Log #3 "Dead":

Log Start
Jacob: Hello, my name is Jacob and my end is near.
It's been 10 years I've been here and im 98 years old!
It's just a matter of time and I'll finally see my wife.
Since this is my last message, all I want to say is: God with us!
Log End

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