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Class 4

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Level 121 is the 122nd level of Backrooms.


Level 121 is an infinite desert with many old, abandoned houses. This level has its own unique day night cycle, with day being 5 hours, and night being 8 hours - making 1 day 13 hours. This level also has many desert dunes, some reaching heights of even 134 meters. This level is relatively safe in the day time, but at night, many entities begin appearing. The many houses scattered about the level can be used to hide from the various entities, which include husks, skin-stealers, and facelings. It's a great place for them because a lot of people think that desert is safe from entities. However, level has mirages, a very common thing on this level. Experience those by getting lost or just climb up to dune top. Occasionally, you can find facelings that have mutated to have unique features, such as faster sprinting, desert camouflage and fly ability (very rare, only lives on north or south). If you go north from house, 1 mile away you'll see an abandoned city. In smallest building you can find basement, if you go down to level -12 then you get teleported to Level 71 or Level 432. The abandoned city is in extremely poor condition, with most of the city being rotted away. The condition of the city is so poor, that around 2 buildings collapse each day, making the city extremely dangerous. You can find water bottles and food in the basement of highest tower in city. 242 km west from abandoned house you can find portal that allows you to escape from this level, 759 km east from abandoned house you can find observatory with code for portal and 50 km south from abandoned house you can find generators to power up observatory and portal (only 1 place can have power).


Picture illustrating Level 121

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

One group exists on this level, and they are known as The Harders.
The Harders help lost escaping this level. Currently it has 45 members and helped 137 lost.

Additional Content:

You are saturated and hydrated for 7 days, after that effect get removed. In one of abandoned house basement you can find teddy bear on chair.

Entrances And Exits:


  • Make a loud sound in Level 100, after that go sleep and when you wake up, you'll be in this level
  • Say the best thing you experienced in life to any entity found in Level 2
  • Enter a door made of sandstone on Level 0 or 2


  • 2 miles away from house you will see a sandstone house, if you enter it, you end up in Level 0
  • Digging 18 meters down under your spawn location will take you to Level 6
  • get code from observatory computer, enter it to panel near portal and jump into the portal, it will take you to Level 140
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