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Level 185 is the 186th Level of the Backrooms. This Level seems to be a finite Suburban Area in a tropical setting. It was discovered on August 1st, 2016 when an explorer in level 9 flipped a light switch.



Level 185 at daytime.


A house in Level 185.

Level 185 is a finite suburban area. The houses appear to be from the 80's, although modern appliances and electronics can be found.
Lucky O' Milk, Bottled almond water, and various safe to consume foods can be found in the refrigerators. They Respawn every 12 hours.
Wi-Fi can be found inside the houses, and all computers and smart devices found in the house will be connected to it.
Level 185 has a daylight cycle similar to that of The frontrooms.
Unlike most levels, cars seem to function in this level, although some have effects when attempting to start them
Ford Focus: Upon starting the vehicle, your vision will become blurry
Ford F-150 Lightning: Upon starting the vehicle, you will be shocked, albiet at low voltages
Party Bus: Transportation to a party =) upon attempting to start it
Infiniti G37: Wanderers will experience hallucinations apon entering the vehicle
Any car from a fictional brand: fall asleep, then transport to Level 69
Abandoned/Crashed car: fall asleep, then transport to Road To Ruins
Other cars: safe

Bases, Outposts and Communities

Residents of Level 185

The 1000 or so people who call level 185 home.

B.N.T.G Outpost V.A.N

Uses a converted Blue Chevy Van as a shop, can trade useful materials.

M.E.G Level 185 Outpost

Small outpost using a Large tent as their base, gather useful materials


Facelings (rare at night). Adults can be seen riding in cars, driving cars, walking around (sometimes with children and/or a hound) and doing work. Completely Harmless, unless carjacked or attacked
Children can be seen riding in cars, walking around with an adult, playing video games and playing with toys. They can sometimes pull mild pranks on wanderers or other facelings.
Hounds have the "11 effect", and act as normal dogs.

Entrances And Exits


Flipping a light switch in Level 9 can sometimes lead to Level 185
Riding a bus with "185" on the side in Level 11 will lead here (this is the safest way to get here)
Noclipping through the floor in Level 126's safe state can lead you to Level 185 but can also lead you to the dangerous crawlspace area of The insulation.


Entering a fictional car leads to Level 69
Trying to start a party bus leads to a party =)
Walking or driving down the highway next to the neighborhood leads to Level 11
Inserting a numbered disk into a game console or DVD player will lead to said level (for example a disk labeled "13" will lead to level 13)
Entering an abandoned or crashed car leads to Road To Ruins

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