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First visual record of the anomalous sun effect

Level 350 is the 351th Level of the Backrooms. The entire level is based in nullity, a non-existent world. At this level it is not truly real, being a null space in reality, yet existing beings can still enter its unreal space.


Upon entering this level, the wanderers end up seeing an arid and lifeless land, rural cities, fields and large metropolises all deserted, all their fauna and flora dead. In the sky is a black sun, a tinge of purple light emanating along its circumference. Level 350 maintains a day and night cycle; the gravity present withim the level seems to be relatively weaker than the downwards force present in the Frontrooms, causing wanderers to feel mildly discombobuleted upon first entry.

In these cities, you may find various forms of equipment, supplies, building materials and electronics. These items are just the tip if the iceberg, every item thought to have existed is present-from mere ideias that were only half conceptualized to completely fantastical dreams.

It is possible to find letters belonging to the original inhabitants of the level-who now only remain as fragile corpses-several such letters have had their contents detailed below:

"This is hell! Nothing here is real, me, you, everything here is a lie!"

"Damn demons, my arm… that monster ate my arm."

"Escape before it's too late… let the M.E.G know, the devices don't work with them around."

"Never GO OUT at night, because he's lurking…"

In other letters, it is possible to observe reports about two local entities that the inhabitants called demons, one is the Crisis and the other is Suicide.

At this level it is not truly real, being a null space in reality the wanderer who entered this environment will gradually undergo a conversion to be one of the original inhabitants of this world ceasing to exist.

Both the Crisis and Suicide entities are able to control nullity in a way that uses them to their advantage. Wanderers who have entered this environment will slowly undergo a transformation that converts them into a physical form similar to that of the original inhabitants of this world. The environment makes food and drinks not meet basic needs, only almond water is capable, but being inefficient, all the food/drinks that people try to ingest are tasteless, do not satisfy hunger and do not nourish their bodies. But eventually the wanderers also become inhabitants of the void.



Bases, Outposts and Communities

There are no known bases, outposts or communities on this level.

It is notable that, upon entering this level, you will be able to find several bases and cities deserted and destroyed with several corpses of the wanderers who lived there, full of resources, from almond water, non-perishable food to canned goods, among several other anomalous objects from the backstage. A quick analysis of the level it is possible to assume that most of the deaths of the people who lived there will fall through there or died of hunger, hunted by the entities that the inhabitants there called demons.


Dusk on the level


All those who gave up their lives and threw themselves from the islands at Level 149 are fated to and up on Level 350.

If one finds themselves lost in Level 6 two days, they will eventually stumble upon a hole that is surrounded by a purple glow. Going inside of if will transport the individual to this level.

On Level 188, there is a singular window that may seem visually out of place when compared to other such windows in the area which emits a purple glow. Staring at the light it emanates for long periods, of time will blur your vision and bring you to thais level.


When the wanderer discovers the truth about the level and continues to feed it large portions of its flesh, it will make a judgment on itself, if it judges you as a good person, it will send you to some random habitable level, but if it misjudging, he will throw you at Level 999.

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