Level 1000


Class 1

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The only picture of Level 1000

Level 1000 is the 1001 Level of the Backrooms and it is the first level of Cluster II


Level 1000 is the first level of Cluster II, it appears to look like a border between two countries. It is a border because it represents the division of Cluster I and [[[Cluster II]].

The only entity in this level are the Entity 9, these entities behave in this level like the border police from The Froontrooms

The faceling will attack if the wanderer if it tries to sneak into the border without getting inspected by the entity.

If the wanderer gives fake information to the Entity 9, this will send the wanderer to Level 0

Bases, Outposts and Communities

The refugees

  • This is a base composed of 19 wanderers that decided to stay here to checkpoint Cluster I

Entrances And Exits


Regret your decissions on Level 999 Will send you here
Walking too far on Level 11 until you find a gate will send you here.
Following signs in Level 10 That say "BEYOND", will bring you here.
Getting attacked by the old styled robot in Level 94 you will wake up 5 minutes after the attack.


Giving fake information to the faceling will send you to Level 0
Passing the border will send you to Level 1001
Finding an empty room with no lights, will send you back to Level 999
Talking on the phone on the Office, will send you to Level 4.
Giving fake information to Entity 9 will send you to Level 0.

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