entity 9057 demon monster thing spooky aaaaaa


a demon that kills people, and nothing else.


it has a love for burnt bacon and potato salad.


he has eyes, and a face, and a- all of this stuff is obvious… he has pale, has green skin, and a huge mouth that sucks in all living organisms (not non-living things.)


he was spot in a casino on floor 0 playing poker with his friend smiler idk no further sightings other than that one time

Additional Info:

hates math a lot.

Do's and Don'ts:

Don't. :

1. don't buy GMO cheese for him, he only likes non-GMO cheese and will kill you if you give him GMO cheese.
2. don't give him spinach, he will not eat it and scream and say, "WTF Y U GIVE CABBAGE!!!! I WILL KILL UR FAMILY NERD!!!!!!!!!11!!!111!!!!!!"


1. a list of nothing for nothing you shouldn't do basically anything cuz he will get mad by you doing anything, so this is useless wasting your time read through this and wonder what's behind you, answer "nothing" and be wrong you're in front of something and you will never know what creature is of was there even when you die, it will be a mystery. goodbye paragraph that you are reading, it will end soon. yes, it will end, or will it? this useless string of text and words is meaningless. you will die in like, 50 years or less or more or less or more. the last word is this, or is it? am I getting too carried away? making you read this for no reason is fun! so the moral of the story is, there is no thing you can do to be safe. nothing. not a single thing. he will always kill you, or will he? goodbye paragraph! nice seein' ya!1

demons are scary

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