Level 581
Level 581
Level 581 also known as the drowned pool is a 582th level of the backrooms.

Level 581 looks like old, abonded, endless swiming pool from XX centuary. It goes forever to front and to back. There are only few centymeters wide walks on the left and the rights sides and they arę also wery slippy and wet. Sometimes you can see random pool items floating on the Water. The pool itself is from 1 to 35 metres deep, so it's highly recommended to know how to swim before going into this level. Water on the pool is dirty, Brown, and it stinks. Also if you are lucky you can see White plastic boxes floating on the Water. If you pick them up and open them you will find:
- swimming googles and clothes,
- wet towel,
- few bottles of almond Water,
- rotten food,
- lifeguard clothing and items,
- flashlight without batteries.
Sometimes the boxes are empty.
The pool is fully lighted by the lamps hanging from the glass cealing. The celling is about 7 Meters up from the level of Water.
Cealing is made out of glass but all what you can see up there is Black void. Walls of the pool and small walks are covered with light blue tiles. Some of them are broken or they are falling off. Also the pool is 25 Meters wide. Only entieties found on this level are male deathmoths and skin stealers in the shallower Parts od the pool.

Bases, Outposts and Communities
Because od type od this level making bases, outposts and communities is not possibile.

Entrances And Exits
Finding a public swimming pool building in level 11 and entering it Has 25% chance to teleport you on this level.

Finding and dressing up in swimming googles on levels:1, 4, 6, 9 will teleport you on this level.

Drowning on the pool will teleport you to level 22

If you see party hat floating on the Water put it on to join the beast party =).

Eating rotten food from boxes will teleport you to level 2.

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