[LEVEL 531]
“Sci-fi Streaming”

Class: 1, safe, secure, minimal entity count

Level 531 resembles the sets and landscapes of an old sci-fi film set, the wanderer entering this level can hear a static fuzz in the distance and an old march song (like that of in the hall of mountain king) along with it. Wandering around you can see familiar sets, like episode “the little people” of the twilight zone or enemy mine. The temperature of the level is lukewarm and moist, despite the ground being covered in either dirt or snow, (impossible to tell if “the sights” effects fully set in).

The shed of level 531: A wander who decides to stay in the ice fishing shed on level 531 will notice that all signs of “the sight” disappears and they can find a full storage of almond water inside that seems endless.

Even though other wanders can enter this level, no wander can meet each-other, just like a level 0 effect, except, not the same.

The similar level 0 effect explained: on rare occasions, some wanders find a tv that is cold to the touch on random levels and designed similar to that of a 70’s home tv, seeming to be covered in snow of some sorts. Turning on the tv will give almost an infinite amount of channels to switch from, and on each ‘channel’ is a camera pan of a wander currently in the level. This gives a theory decided on by MEG that each wander who enters is given their own channel and “camera” that watches them. Since when the wander moves out of sight the camera pointing at them will cut to a different panel of them.

“The sight” of level 531: the sight is a phenomenon that occurs in level 531, which is the longer you stay in the level, the more your sight will turn into fuzzy low quality colors until finally black and white. Almond water can temporarily slow these effects, but the only true way to stop and replenish your true sight is to stay 10 minutes in the ice fishing shed. After then it’s safe to go outside again to explore. The sight is considered its own entity to the level, and the only entity.

The reason MEG has classified The sight as their own entity is due to the fact they seem scared of shed. Being able to still effect the wander once in it, but very weakly, until disappearing all together once the 10 minutes are up. During an investigation, one wanderer in question reported them talking telepathically to them, causing them to hallucinate black and white. Since almond water has been known to restore a wanderers mental state, and it temporarily slows The sight, it can be concluded that The sight is mentally effecting the wanderer. (It is yes unknown if this entity has negative plans for a wanderer.)

To enter level 531, you can flip channels on the rare tv found and find a blank one with static, touching it will transport you there. Or, being sent after completing level !

To exit, you may find a movie prop that can appear on the level, entering things like cars may take you to level 69 or movie theaters to 68, the prop you choose to interact with will lead you to a corresponding level.

There are currently no outposts, due to there only being one person on their own channel.

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