The Starters

(This page was written for the "What If Contest," and not all information shared is even possible in the universe of "The Backrooms")

"The Starters"

This group has only two outposts, both being in level 0. None of the known members have ever left their home level. Because of their cult "religion," there may be punishment for escaping, or attempting to escape the level. The two outposts are "No Escape" and "Outpost Exit." Although "No Escape" has never been explored by outside groups, and no information is allowed to be shared about it, it is thought to be a religious center surrounded by small huts. "Outpost Exit," despite it's name, does not allow their citizens to leave the level. Rather, they guard an exit door, allowing only traders in and out, but none of their own. The two groups often have conflict. "No Escape" believes that nobody outside their group should be allowed passage, and may be hostile to them, whereas "Outpost Exit" is friendly to wanderers. Therefore, wanderers are not advised to approach "No Escape."
Outpost appearances, statistics, and military:
"No Escape" is built only from the resources found in the level, such as carpet and wallpaper. This makes the buildings very weak, and easily raided. This factor comes into play later. This is mostly caused by their unwillingness to trade with outsiders. The opposite can be said about "Outpost Exit." Their buildings are made from harder, more durable resources from alternate levels. They also have access to better tools and weapons. They also have a better, more reliable food source. "No Escape," although they try to rely 100% on their own level, because there are no natural food sources in level 0, for food, they must trade with outside sources. They only trade with "Outpost Exit," who trades with these. This is their only real source of nourishment, thus the average life expectancy of "No Escape" citizens is only seventeen years of age. They often claim that the moisture found within the carpets is "completely safe to drink," but this only shortens their life expectancy. The military of "Outpost Exit" isn't as powerful as most larger groups, but far more powerful than their ally, "No Escape." The weapons used by "No Escape" are just as flimsy and weak as everything else used by them. They often are carved from the walls of the level. In fact, the only weapons they own in which would be considered "decent," are those made of the recycled trading crates from their sister outpost. Thus, the "No Escape's" military is very weak.
"The Level 0 War"
"The Starters," at one point, had a civil war raging. The events that led up to the war were "No Escape" disagreeing with "Outpost Exit" about outside traders, and even threatening to destroy the exit. The conflict only escalated when "Outpost Exit" decided to show them what would happen if there was no exit by stopping the trade of food and other resources that they needed to survive. In desperation "No Escape" attacked them, resulting in more violence. The war ended with "The Battle of Zeeroth," when the starving population of "No Escape" was overtaken in a firesalt attack. After this, they became the same group again, and trade continued between the two groups. Approximately 107
deaths were recorded, about 81% of them being from "No Escape." The other 19% were from "Outpost Exit." Although not confirmed, it is very likely that a trader from level 1 also perished.

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