Level 1267


Class 2

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Hacking Eyes Of Argos

Level 1267’s Surface is 90% made out of Holy Water and 10% Solid Land, which is randomly scattered. This Level’s Nickname of “Holy Ocean” is really true, as this level is abundant with Holy Water and many people come here to get a surplus amount of Holy Water. This Level has Trees in it’s scattered Landmasses, which seem to have Holy Fruit in it’s branches, a Liquid form of Holy Water. Holy Fruit can only be found in this Level, unlike Holy Water which is found in countless levels. This may be because Holy Fruit require Holy Water to live and thrive, and due to the fact this Level is a giant ocean with Holy Water, which then turns into Holy Clouds, which then rains said Holy Water, the Holy Fruit and Trees thrive in this level, where in other Levels Holy Water is contained in, either have a ceiling or don’t have lakes and rivers of Holy Water and just simply small pools of it. Underneath the Oceans of this Level, there are Holyweeds, which is a Holy Water form of Seaweed. Hollowfish eat these to survive.

The Hollowfish is Fish creature that lives in the Oceans of this Level. They are peaceful unless threatened, and they eat the Holyweed in the deep Oceans of this Level. They look cute.

A sheep-like Creature that rams into Holy Trees with it’s long and nearly unbreakible horns, and eats the Holy Fruit that drop in the Ground. They are peaceful unless threatened.
Blessed Lips

Blessed Lips are not literal Lips, but rather a Fairy that sprinkles Dust around. Legends say that this dust turns Almond Water into Holy Water, but this has been disproven as the Dust simply makes the Almond Water taste weird, with the same effects of normal Almond Water. This Dust appears to be the Waste of the Blessed Lips, but they only seem to sprinkle it on Land, so don’t be thinking your gonna eat Fairy Poo while skooping up Holy Water on this Level. Blessed Lips eat Holy Fruit and drink Holy Water. They are peaceful unless threatened.
Jumping into a hole in Level 1266 will cause you to clip through the hole and you will enter this level.
No clipping through this Level will take you to Level 1269
Being killed by the entities in this Level by attacking them, will take you to Level 1268
Colonies & Bases

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