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Class 2

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Picture of the garbage in Level 243.

Level 243 is the 244th level of the backrooms. The level is a massive garbage dump.


Level 243 is a massive garbage dump that's about 350 kilometers (217 miles) wide in all directions. There can be loose garbage patches that you can fall in. If you do fall in you can go up to 15 meters down and get trapped in the garbage with the garbage being just over 40 meters deep.

You can find bottles of almond water scattered in the garbage. But most of the time they are empty. Rarely though, you may find almond water inside the bottle. The garbage itself is labeled using random names, companies, and languages. Trying to eat any food you find inside the packaging can give you food poisoning.

If you manage to make it all the way to the edge of the garbage dump you can see the void leading down to level 9. You can also find small sheds where the workers would usually be. But they are always empty apart from a shovel that you can find in all of them. Some are submerged in the garbage, making you have to dig in it to get inside. People suspect that there are more of them completely under the garbage as the ones that are above the garbage are supported by a large concrete base going down into it. Sometimes so tall that you cannot get into the sheds.

If you dig through the entire 40 meters of garbage you will find a void going down into level 9. Nobody knows why the garbage doesn't fall down into the void and attempting to bring and garbage down there will just make you hang on to it until you let go. Similarly attempting to throw garbage down into the void will just make it float. As if there's some kind of barrier that keeps all the garbage in. Also, the garbage cannot escape through the wall at the edge of the dump either.

Rarely, you may find garbage trucks in the garbage. They cannot function though. The same theory applies that there may be more garbage trucks under the garbage they we cannot get to. There seems to be dead bodies inside both the drivers seat and the box that holds the garbage.

This level was discovered after someone got so desperate to the point of eating a pile of garbage he found in level 0. He passed out and ended up here.


Hands can sometimes come up out of the garbage and try to grab you down. If you get caught by the hands, try punching them loose to escape. If you don't succeed you will be pulled down into the garbage. Nobody knows what happens after that but most people believe that you either suffocate or get eaten.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

There are no known bases, outposts or communities on this Level since the garbage is too unstable to create one.

Entrances And Exits:


To enter, you must eat garbage. You will pass out and end up here.


To exit, you must dig through the 40 meter deep garbage to fall into level 9 or get to the edge of the dump to also get the level 9

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