Entity 254

Dr. Brown's Concept of Entity 254-1

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Entity Number: #254

Habitat(s) - Level 1, Cosmopolitan, Dry, Moist, Architectural

Survival Tip: Do not attempt to neutralize a specimen, run from it.


Entity 254 is a tall, white, humanoid figure, standing about 2.56 meteres in height, and displayed little to no sapience. Any facial features are either distorted or do not exist, excluding the mouth. When an instance of Entity 254 approaches a supposed victim, the instance will produce a long and ear-splitting screech designed to make the victim unconcious before consumption. Entity 254 will take the figure to an unknown location and tear the limbs one by one eventually leaving no trace of the victim eventually leaving some traces of the victim.
Entity 254 is able to delete or corrupt information written about it, so most of the data currently written down here could be false or removed.


  • Entity 254 has been noted to avoid being sighted by it's prey and will stalk the victim for several hours.
  • Entity 254 is able to breed sexually with another specimen despite gender and lack of sex organs.
  • Entity 254 will commonly attack wanderers upon entering a space known as "254's Land" or "The Breeding Grounds".
  • Entity 254 has been sighted to be tameable after an encounter taking place on an unknown date. When tamed it showed signs of trying to help find food or water for it's owner and allow people to ride the instance.
  • Entity 254 has been seen to attemptingly enter other levels by running into walls at an unknown speed.
  • How Entity 254 gives birth to “cubs” is unknown, but is believed to give live birth of a specimen. Entity 254 cannot give birth when being viewed by something.


Entity 254 comes in many two different species with different and unique abilities or appearances and habitats. The most common species of Entity 254 is a "White Demon", which is able to camoflauge against anything and merge into the desired location. The other species is nicknamed a "Blood Hyena" due to it running at speeds of a hundred-and-sixty (160) miles per hour and producing an almost blood-curdling laugh when wandering.

White Demons

  • White Demons have no skin-pigment or any signs of colouring on the bodies of this species. The only pigmenting is the inside of the mouth and the "organs" it has.

Blood Hyenas

  • Blood Hyenas are the most uncommon specimen of Entity 254 and show distinct pigment and hair or fur across the body, usually faded blue scales and brownish patches of fur. Blood Hyenas also are the only species of Entity 254 that can use surprisingly intelligent tactics that is believed to be built into the genetic code of the species after a quick DNA analyse.


  • Entity 254-1 (White Demons) were discovered by Dr. Hedwig and a few other scientists on Level 1 after a reconnassiance mission had failed leaving the team stranded in the middle of the level. Dr. Hedwig descripted seeing "a white figure crawling around on the ceilings" and "a part of the ceiling moving towards them".
  • Entity 254-2 (Blood Hyenas) were discovered by Dr. Artem Borysko on the 5th of May 1999 after sighting the entities consuming a batch of deceased wanderers on Level 44 after the order of Director Betts of Squad 44D to investigate the level.

Additional Information:

  • Entity 254 can be tamed by feeding the Entity Almond Water and one-hundred (100) pounds of fresh cow, or human, meat. Present the food and water in a unharmingly manner to gain the trust of the instance. Back away from the recourses and allow it to consume the items. While it is in the state of eating or drinking, stroke the back of the neck of the instance and try and hand feed it, we recommend to ONLY do this if it lets you approach it.
  • Entity 254 can not interbreed with the opposite species after a discovery log had been found next to, now deceased, Senior Researcher Brown.
  • Entity 254 can rarely noclip into levels to find food or mates.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Put distance from you and screeching that sounds like an instance of 254.
  • Attempt to find shelter from an instance if being chased or hunted.


  • Attack an instance of Entity 254.
  • Scare an instance.
  • Distract specimens with anything, but Almond Water and Cow or Human meat.

Log 254-Beta

Logged by: Dr. Hedwig, Dr. Wood, Director Betts
Log Creator: Senior Operator Ashton Miller

<start log>

Ashton Miller: (Unaudible), fuck fuck, what is that thing?

Communications: Miller can you (Cuts out) see sir?

Ashton Miller: Some fuckin' tall WHITE THING!

<Heavy panting can be heard>

Communications: Copy that Miller, any signs of any routes to (Cuts out) area?

Ashton Miller: Sorry what?

Communications: (Unaudible)


<A screeching noise can be heard>

Communications: Hello? Miller? What is your current status?

Ashton Miller: Nearly dead, Ma'am. I got away from them, but I'm extremely injured.

<Heavy breathing>

Ashton Miller: I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die, I'm gonna FUCKING DIE!

<Crying can be heard>

Communications: Carm down, Miller. Use your Medical Pack and head north. We can see your current location on your-

<Screaming and a tearing noise with a combination of screeching is heard>

<Camera cuts out>

Communications: Miller? Miller-

<Audiofeed cuts out>

<end log>

Ashton Miller was found approximately five days after his demise. The Instances of Entity 254 did not, for an unknown reason, fully consume Miller's body - Reasoning: Possible other entity scaring off the instances.

Director Bett's Notes

  • Personnally, I believe that Miller had been slaughtered by another species of Entity 254 due to the screeching sounding abnormal. I am aware that it was recorded on a cheap camera, but I know that did not sound like anything I've ever heard.
  • Ashton Miller was an enemy group member, but it is amazing how we managed to find the corpse of an enemy.
  • Several different organs had been removed from Miller's body after a brief examination. Coincidence, I think not.

Log 254-ALPHA


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