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Entity Number: 163

Habitat(s): All


Entity 163 is an anomalous or supernatural entity that takes the form of any targeted person's childhood pet. Due to the nature of the entity's abilities, no singular descriptor can be used to describe its physical appearance. Entity 163 is able to appear on any level of the Backrooms, but it can only appear to a person who had an emotional connection to a pet when they were a child.

The entity was once believed to have been a hallucination, but witnesses have occasionally taken physical samples off of the entity during physical interaction, mostly including dog or cat fur. For this reason, Entity 163 is thought to be a shapeshifting being of some kind.

Entity 163 also possesses some variant of telepathic abilities and is able to communicate with people without the use of intelligible language. Witnesses of the entity have described its communication as emotional rather than verbal or physical. Many struggle to describe the nature of its abilities and say that they "just knew what it was communicating." However, due to its ability to halt its target in their current activity, Entity 163 is regarded as potentially hazardous to engage with. Damage has never been done to any person who has interacted with it, but the possibility of the entity using its abilities to telepathically control any person has been taken into consideration.

The end result of encounters with Entity 163 are bittersweet feelings. Witnesses of the entity have said that meeting the entity was unforgettable, and many speak about how the experience restored enough hope for them to make it further into the Backrooms.


Entity 163 seeks out wanderers who suffer from despair. Every encounter with this entity has taken place during a low moment in a wanderer's travels. Entity 163 is believed to have an uncanny ability to sense both the emotions of humans as well as the amount of danger any area can pose, as it only appears in opportune moments when the wanderer is safe long enough for a full interaction to take place.

The entity can only appear to a person if they've had an emotional connection to an animal within their childhood. These animals have been said by witnesses to have passed away earlier in their lifetime. The entity only appears to a wanderer who is alone, even temporarily, and who is safe at the moment of interaction.

Upon the appearance of Entity 163, the targeted person will stop their current task to interact.

The reason for Entity 163's targeted interactions is unknown. Some have speculated that the entity was created by the Backrooms itself in order to encourage wanderers to continue traveling through it, while others have believed that Entity 163 is simply an anomalous being that obtains some sort of gain from the way it interacts with people.


Entity 163 can physically take the form of any targeted person's childhood pet. This ability has extended to any and all animals, including dogs, cats, fish, rodents, reptiles, and other specific creatures that have been a person's beloved pet. No one has ever seen Entity 163's "default" form, if it has one.

Due to the nature of its short and circumstantial appearances, the entity has not been able to be thoroughly studied, and all information has been obtained from witness accounts.


The circumstances around Entity 163's appearances, including both the fact that it would only appear to any person who was alone as well as the fact that it takes the form of a deceased pet, originally made wanderers pass off the existence of the entity as a hallucination. However, word about the entity circulated through several large settlements on various levels, and recounting the events of experiences with the entity were validated by enough people to verify Entity 163's interactions as a widespread phenomenon. Since then, effort has been made to survey wanderers about experiences with Entity 163 in order to collect data and gain a better understanding of it. Some have come forward with samples of fur collected from interactions with the entity as well, further confirming Entity 163's existence.

Sample Survey Data:



  • Keep going.


  • Give up.

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