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Class 2

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Level n is the (n+1)'nd Level of the Backrooms.


Level N at first appears to be a series of abandoned buildings located next to a mountain in a forest. The builds may have Portuguese architecture but it is hard too tell due to their state of disrepair. Water (Both regular and Almond) as well as mining equipment can be found in the houses. Most houses are small and may even include chains but in some cases a larger one can be discovered. These larger houses can contain items such as books and food but also golden handheld mirrors that function similarly to Object 6 but always show a reflection of the houses in the level on fire as people run out, these items function as regular mirrors on any other level.

Caves can often be found on the side of the mountain that consist of either seemingly endless hallways, exits back to the first part of the level or large rooms full of both gold and Objects 15, these rooms seem to "restock" themselves every few days. Holding a golden mirror in one of the large rooms results in the reflection showing fire in a humanoid shape. Proceeding away from the buildings and caves into the Forrest often result in a wanderer getting lost, as such few explorations of this region have been made as it is presumed to be endless.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

The Brazilian Continuation Federation

  • Around 92 Members.
  • Dedicated to the continuation of Brazilian culture in the Backrooms.
  • Willing to Trade with any wanderers.
  • Largest Settlement on Level N

Unknown Lost Colony

  • Unknown member count, but thought to be less than 50.
  • Thought to be deep in the Levels forest.
  • Only Trades with Brazilian Continuation Federation.

U.E.C. Mining Camp Omega

  • Located in the caves of level N to extract resources.
  • Wanderer advised not to approach.
  • Active threat.
  • Unknown Member Count.

MEG Outpost N

  • Small Outpost intended for diplomatic efforts with the Brazilian Continuation Federation and strikes against the UEC.
  • Friendly but not open to trading.
  • 14 Permanent personnel.

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Entrances And Exits


Lorum Ipsum


Lorum Ipsum

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