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A photo captured by a wanderer after entering an office in Level 11.

Level 478 is the 479th Level of the Backrooms. It takes the appearance of a modern, furnished office space.


Level 478 is an office, with working computers, though they have no WiFi, they can still have random documents saved to the computer. These documents are often random and have no structure, they are an indecipherable jumble of letters and numbers. There have been reports of some documents being actually written. These are currently under M.E.G. review at the moment, however it is unknown if these were written by wanderers.

There is only one type of entity in this level: Facelings. These Facelings are always adult and can be either male or female. They are dressed in typical office clothing and appear to have the "11 effect". Unless a strike is active, they will cooperate with wanderers.


A strike happens at random points in time. The walls will turn a pale shade of red and the lights will grow dim. During a strike, Facelings will turn aggressive, attacking wanderers en masse. A strike lasts approximately 25 minutes. Strikes are completely unpredictable, so it is advised that you remain at a distance from them at all times. During a strike, Facelings will chant in unison, "NO MORE WORK, NO MORE WORK." This can be used to predict how far away a mob of Facelings are. They are generally slow, so simply running away is a valid escape option. Direct combat is ill-advised as the sheer number of Facelings will overwhelm any wanderer. No matter what, never attempt to attack a Faceling, whether a strike is active or not.

Undercover Baggers

In level 230, a Bagger may be tasked with summoning you to the Covenant for a deal. If you are unsure if a deal is shady or not in level 230, you should leave quickly. There may be undercover Baggers present in the Covenant's fortress. These are non-hostile.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

The Covenant's Fortress

  • Hostile unless summoned to the fortress by a Bagger. This is due to The Covenant wanting to make a deal with you.
  • May attempt to make a deal involving your life. Accepting this is not advised as consequences are severe upon failure.
  • The fortress is always guarded and entrance is near impossible. There is no real reward for entering regardless, other than angry Covenant members. Though quick transport to Level 230 may be possible. This is still extremely risky.

Entrances And Exits:


  • Entering an office building in Level 11 has a small chance of transporting you here.
  • Being summoned by an undercover Bagger in Level 230


  • There is rumored to be a door in the Covenant's fortress that leads to Level 230. Although this is unconfirmed.
  • Finding and using an elevator can lead to either Level 13 or Level 6.1

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