The Manila Room

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Class Zeta

  • Potentially Safe
  • Potentially Secure
  • Pending Entity Documentation

A 3d recreation of the Manila Room.

The Manila Room, Otherwise Known As Level 0.1, Is The Only Place In Level 0 Where Wanderers Could Meet Up. This Room Got Its Name From The Contents Of It, Including The Fact That The Lights, Wallpaper, And Flooring All Have A Beige-Yellow Color Like That Of Any Sorts Of Manila Paper.


The Manila Room takes the shape of a small room, about 20 x 20 meters. In the center, there is a table with a chair, sometimes two. The floor and ceiling are made out of wood, with the walls being almost the same as Level 0, but the walls are slightly different, being a beige color. The only source of light is the ceiling light at the center of the room.

There are three electrical sockets at the walls of the room (see picture). They all have no known use as of right now, and are only for decoration. They might be used to charge up phones if the M.E.G. finds out how.

There's Not Any Actual Entities Found In The Manila Room, However Repetitive Knocking Appears To Be Heard All Around This Room. This Could Happen Even If The Wanderers In This Room Are Experiencing Emotional Distress And Anxiety Attacks. This Lead Some To Think That There's An Entity May Exist In The Walls Of The Room. Until The Source Of The Knocking Has Been Found, This Room Is Designated As Class Zeta.

There is a note at the center of the table, written by the M.E.G. When or how they have written this is classified. The note reads:

To all wanderers of the Manilla Room,
This is the safest place in Level 0. Be prepared of the dangers ahead.

The M.E.G.

The 'Lights Out' State:

The Manila Room Will Sometimes Experience Periods Where There's No Light. During These Periods, The Manila Room Will Turn Pitch-Black And Screaming, Distant Voices, And Machinery Will Be Heard. Also, Light Sources Will Have No Function When One Of These Periods Begin. It's Rumored That The Periods Are Connected To Level 6, But That's Unconfirmed. One Will Immediately Get Mental Trauma + Paranoia When One Of The Periods Start And If They Don't Treat Theirselves By The End Of The Period, They'll Instantly Get Killed By An Unknown Source.

These Periods Are Called "The 'Lights Out' State" And Wanderers Will Have To Get Out Of The Manila Room Before These Periods.

Entrances And Exits:


There Are Only 2 Entrances To This Room.

  • On Rare Occasions, A Beige Door Will Suddenly Appear In Level 0. Going Through This Door Will Send You To The Manila Room.
  • Noclipping Into The Backrooms From The Frontrooms May Send You Here Instead Of Level 0.


Simply Go Back The Way You Came.

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