Isles of Nihil
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Class 4

  • Semi-Safe
  • {$two}
  • Entity Centralized Oversight

The Observatory within the Court.

The Court of Thoughts is the lawmakers of Level 373.


The Court of Thoughts is a community of advanced entities within Level 373. There are many buildings here, although many are closed off to the greater 373 populace.


The Temple of the Lord.

There are approximately

Bases, Outposts and Communities

Base/Outpost/Community A

You can put:

  • Hierarchal Power structure
  • Entity community
    • Details

Base/Outpost/Community B

Short description of the Base/Outpost/Community

Materials regarding the Court of Thoughts

Interview with Great Elder 𐤑1

Entrances And Exits

Add any entrances and exits to other levels.

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