Isles of Nihil
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An image of Sky's Retreat, as seen from the Court of Thoughts.

Sky's Retreat is an unidentified flying location within Level 373.


This location appears to be a large, floating community high above Level 373. There appears to be a large abundance of houses and a small forest near the edges of the location.


This location is believed to be the original community of Level 373, as records within the Court of Thoughts refer to this location in high regard.

Materials regarding Sky's Retreat

Excerpt from A Collection of Poems by Miro

The following poems are believed to be about the Sky's Retreat.

Interview with Elder Ξ1

Bases, Outposts and Communities

Due to the inaccessibility of this location, no communities can be set up at this time.

Entrances And Exits

There is no known way to get to or from this level for now.

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