Isles of Nihil
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Class 4

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The sky of the Ash Desert.

The Ash Desert is the aridest region of Level 373.


The Ash Desert has a mildly hot, arid climate, This region is approximately 30°C in the day, and 4°C at night.1 This region is consistently overcast, as only having a few days recording with clear skies. It is unknown how this location is arid, despite the constant cloud coverage.


Burrows found within the Ash Desert. [Placeholder]

It is not recommended to cross the desert without needed supplies, unless necessary. Reviooks, Camo Crawlers, and Pyrochlicera have been identified to inhabit here; furthermore, a Clicker was found buried in the ash, and presumably no-clipped from another level.

Bases, Outposts and Communities


  • Contains a Midnight Station
  • Buildings are made out of out of packed ash and hardened by the occasional rains.

Material regarding the Ash Desert

Corrupted Audio Cassette, dated 6/15/2001

Created by: Marx, Simone.2
Recovered by: Spoonsly, M.E.G. Track Mappers; on 8/15/2021

Entrances And Exits

The Monochromal Forest can be found 15km due east by southeast of Outskirts.
A large burrow can lead to The Hive.

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