Isles of Nihil
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Class 1

  • Safe
  • Unsecure
  • Undocumented Entities

An image of Port Maw's Midnight Station.

The Midnight Stations are a functional Train System in Level 373.


The Midnight Station is a collection of train stations scattered around Level 373. Upon entry to a Station within Level 373, a small chime can be heard, and the following recording will play:

Intercom: "Welcome to the Midnight Train System! The train is currently at <location> and will arrive within <time> minutes."1

Noteworthy Areas


  • Permission to enter is always denied.
  • An entity can be seen through the door, presumably controlling the engine.

Dining Car

  • Can be served food from the Kitchen
  • Non-euclidian, larger than expected.

Entrances And Exits

Midnight Stations can be found within the following locations:

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