Isles of Nihil
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Class 0

  • Unsafe
  • Secure
  • Devoid of Entities

A photograph of the Frosted Beaches.

The Frosted Beaches are the 1st Island of Level 343.


The Frosted Beaches are a large inlet with a glacier in the centre. The climate hovers at a constant 2.364oc1. This island is one of the safest of Level 343, but it's mostly unpopulated due to the extreme climate.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities

Permafrost Shore

  • Small community of three
  • Owns the Permafrost Ferry, used for fishing and travel to the greater Level 343.
    • When questioned about the similar vessel at Time's End, they claimed they were from the Achillean Superorganism communities.

Recovered Data

Entrances And Exits


The Well's Entrance to Level 343.


  • The Well has been known to exist here.
    • Its appearance is usually a ramshackle metal well, with a small wooden roof.


Within Level 343

  • A ferry used by the Permafrost Shore community can be taken to the Living Island.

Other Levels

  • Travelling away from the glacier will cause the temperature to drop drastically, and the wanderer will enter Level 420.

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