Isles of Nihil
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Class Varied

  • Varied Safety
  • Unsecure
  • Varied Entity Count

Level 373 is the 374th Level of the Backrooms, it is a large island group within a presumed infinite ocean.


Level 373 contains 10 major locations, which all vary from each other in many ways. This level contains at least 5 previously unknown entities.

Frosted Beaches

The Frosted Beaches are a large inlet with a glacier in the center. The climate hovers at a constant 2.364oc. This island is one of the safest of Level 373, but it's mostly unpopulated due to the extreme climate.

Briseis Island

Briseis Island itself appears to be a unique entity. This entity's definite size is currently unknown; however, it is approximately 15 miles long and 4 to 6.3 miles wide. This entity's hair follicles exist underneath a thin layer of soil, giving it the appearance of small grasses.

Midnight Station

"Welcome to the Midnight Train System! The train is currently at Port Maw and will arrive within 45 minutes."

Ash Desert


Monochromal Forest


Sky's Retreat

High-flying, marvellous
Awaiting, rejoicing, glimmering
Ever so elusive

Court of Thoughts



"Ητα couldn't stop thinking about the netherworld
It was just so bitter and terrible
But she could never forget the real world"

Time's End


The Seer's Eye


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