Level 982


Class 3

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Level 982 is the 983rd level of the backrooms. It is a large brick hallway With an infinite number of branching paths.


Level 982 is a 4m wide, 4m tall brick hallway that stretches out 50 miles north. there are branching paths on both sides every mile that go directly forwards relative to the wall they appeared on. Each branch is an exact copy of the main branch, 4mx4m, 50 miles long, 50 branches, which continues infinitely. due to this, the size of the level cannot be measured. Noiseless, Light blue, LED lights are lined along the ceiling. The level has an artificial Day-Night cycle, Abruptly turning the LED lights off every 8 hours, and turning them back on 6 hours later. The level is safe during the day, with no entities appearing. During the night1, Smilers will appear with increased hostility towards wanderers, ignoring any light distractions and heading directly for the wanderer.

Wanderers who enter this level will only enter halfway through the cycle, and they will enter with all of their possessions. Anyone within the same room as the wanderer when they After approximately 3 full cycles, wanderers will have an intense feeling that the walls are slowly closing, and that they are being watched. Wanderers who stay in this level for 10 cycles will begin to truly believe the bricks are closing in, and attempt to break the walls open to escape. If they succeed, they get pulled into level 30 and the wall closes. If they fail, death is extremely likely due to the smilers
While notes left behind by wanderers may start normal, they always end with this quote written in blood:
"don't let the bricks get you." with the phrase "break the wall." repeated exactly 50 times.2

Bases, Outposts and Communities

Due to the nature of the Level, it is impossible to form long lasting communities



  • Smilers have a long smile with multiple sharp teeth, and have white glowing eyes
  • Smilers are easy to spot in the dark due to the glow they give off.
  • In this level, they have increased hostility towards wanderers, they will ignore most distraction methods and focus entirely on the targeted wanderer.
  • Due to this, it is recommended to quietly back away from any smiler you see, if it is targeting and approaching you, drop all heavy, unnecessary items and run as fast as you can in the opposite direction.3
  • After around 10 cycles, wanderers will begin to attract smiler


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Entrances And Exits


Falling asleep in Any Level has a 0.03% chance to send you here
Pushing a large, golden button in


Noclipping through the wall in any location will send you to a random level.
Falling asleep exactly halfway through the main section or any branch will send you to Level 0
Noclipping through the floor will send you to Level 389
Jumping through a broken section of wall will lead you to Level 30

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