The FLUFFYROOMS! (Sunok/Navy collab)

so rn my main idea is somewhat really overpowered protos right, and like the clipped here ages ago and just wanted to help others
so they roam and roam
and they find a fluffy pillowy land
so the make a hotel

in other levels there are ads

and theres a big hotel store with proto suits (dont ask how they make them) proto-juice, proto-tech, and proto-food. and the currency is headpats

I really like it! I don't think we should have things too op, so let's go down a list and see what we can add and/or remove. I like the backstory, and I can expand on that. My fingers love to type, so I could do something with that. The ads are also really neat. I think they should appear on less-travelled levels to have a lower amount of travelers. Other than that it looks good!


so for objects

I say…
- Proto masks (because of course)
- Fluffy pillows!
- Posters
- Food and supplies (pretty abundant)

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