ForestIsWatching (Attempt: Level -9)
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Executing "module Redirect"…
Redirecting to "ImportantConversation.docx"…

This… is just so damn wrong.
The site administrators are currently editing this page. While they are writing, you cannot change any of the code.
Like you can stop me.
It is to be reminded that it is strictly forbidden to alter any files in the records without authorization. If you are viewing this, you are either an important M.E.G. official, someone who had stolen an ID card (in which case, we know exactly where you are and are already after you) or one of the very few people allowed to edit this page.
Even if you found me, I could just tear your bodies apart and pretend that nothing happened, but I am a musician, not a murderer.
State your identity immediately.
I'm what you called "The Owner". Please refer to me as "The Caretaker" or, simply, CT.
What are you here for?
I'm here to correct a ton of mistakes that you made. This is a level on its own, it is also way too short. "The Feast" is ready to reveal everything, anyway.
Okay, send us your entry. After that, we will review it and ensure that evrything is accurate and well-written. Only then it will be posted. Deal?
Sure. (*everything.)
Go to hell.

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> Level 3.9 (Archived)
> Important Conversation (The document that you are viewing, currently)
> The Liminal Tranquility of The Acceptable Home

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