ForestIsWatching (Attempt: Level -9)
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Level 3.9 is a sub-level between Level 3 and Level 4.


Currently, Level 3.9 is largely unexplored and has only been described briefly. It takes the appearance of a set of rooms arranged similarly to Level 0. The rooms have doors, but these, instead of connecting the halls together, serve as an exit to Level -1. Due to this, it is extremely difficult to map the sub-level out. Luckily, thanks to their arrangement, some rooms connect together via narrow corridors or, rarely, large halls. Physically, the level is an abandoned office similar in appearance to Level 4, but with walls made of white concrete and a floor made of wood covered in a vaguely pink carpet. There seems to be very little lightning, with its only source being windows that are present in every corridor. This sub-level is, contrary to popular belief, presumably safe and secure, but there is little to no information to confirm this.

We apologize for the lack of content in this page. We will update it as new information is gathered, if and when it does.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

The Feast (theorized) – Undetermined Outposts

  • Intentions and amount of members unknown.


"The Owner"

"The Owner" is the name given to a yet-to-determine entity who supposedly owns Level 3.9 and is likely friendly. The only piece of information known to exist regarding it and the outpost can be found in the discovery logs. It's believed that the entity has made a deal with "The Feast".

Entrances and Exits:


A specific, larger than normal Elevator in Level 3 can grant entry into this sub-level.


Exiting can be achieved by going through any door. This will always lead to Level -1.

Discovery Logs:

A group of volunteers, members of "The Feast", have requested to document the sub-level on their own, since they were the ones to discover it. They'd like to stay anonymous, meaning that they will be referred to as Wanderer 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, respectively.


The eight wanderers made it back to Base Alpha in Level 0 unharmed. They refused to answer any questions for about two weeks, after which, they mysteriously wanted to show the M.E.G. where the sub-level was. This entry will be updated as new information is gathered.

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