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Class Trap

  • Inescapable
  • Inevitable
  • Death

Content Warning

The following document contains lots of blood and gore, along with themes of depression and mentions of suicide that may make some readers uncomfortable. Please proceed with caution.

Level 421 is the 422nd level of the backrooms. It is a snowy forest surrounded by a thick veil of fog.


Level 421 is a north-American deciduous forest covered in a thick layer of snow.1 The forest is seemingly infinite in length, but a thick fog is draped over the majority of the level, making it impossible to know the size. This fog is observed to appear in a 100-meter radius around any wanderer who enters the level. It is impossible to enter the fog present in level 421, as the radius will follow wanderers no matter where they go in the forest. Wanderers report seeing some sort of creature, hereby referred to as the Brute, in the fog. Information on this Brute can be found below. Aside from the Brute, no other entities have been reported within level 421. Reportedly, level 421 is eerily silent, with the only sound present in the level being the Brute’s slow, methodical breathing, and the sound of the wanderers and the Brute’s footsteps. Reportedly, there are no living plants inside level 421. All water sources found within Level 421 are completely frozen over and have proven to be difficult to access. Attempts to break, melt, or otherwise damage the layer of ice have all proven fruitless. Wanderers who enter the level without food or water will usually die after a period of around 1-2 days. The level's day-night cycle operates similarly to those on earth, specifically it is analogous to the cycle of a northern winter, with long nights and short days.

The Brute:

The Brute is the only entity present inside Level 421. It has been described as a medium-height, semi-humanoid creature. Because of the nature in which it appears, Little is known about The Brute's appearance, aside from what can be gathered from its appearances in the fog and Wanderers viewing invasion events. Descriptions of the entity are generally vague, but it has been described as pinkish in color and more humanoid than beast.

The Brute's behavior follows a few consistent patterns. When first entering the level, the Brute will stalk wanderers, hiding within the fog present in the level. As wanderers spend more time in the level, the fog will begin encroaching further upon them. The radius of 100 meters will shrink at a variable rate. It is unknown how this rate is calculated, but it appears to correlate with a significant shift in the personality of wanderers in the level2 Once the fog has entered a radius of about 8-9 meters from a wanderer, an invasion event will occur.

During an invasion event, the Brute will enter the wanderer's radius and grab them, pulling them into the fog3. The Brute has only been observed to target one wanderer during these events. It is unknown what happens to wanderers after an invasion event has occurred, as no wanderer has ever survived an event. Observers of the events have reported that the person who is grabbed never screams, and never resists. Wanderers have reported sounds of loud chewing and bone-crunching echoing throughout the level after an invasion event has occurred. Even directly after an invasion event, the Brute will still be present. Because of this, it is theorized that there may be more than 1 Brute Entity.

Bases, outposts, and communities:

Due to the properties of the level, no bases, outposts, or communities are currently established.


the level was originally discovered when a M.E.G Member accidentally entered Level 421 on a routine exploratory mission into another level, however, the M.E.G had been aware of documentation regarding the level for many years before this event.

Entrances and exits:


Entering large bouts of fog in any forest level will transport you to Level 421.


There is no known way to exit Level 421

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