Clisside/The Basement
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Class 4

  • Unsafe
  • Enigmatic Presence
  • Low Entity Count


A Picture taken of The Basement, the wanderer's status is unknown as of now.

The Basement is an Enigmatic Level of the Backrooms.


The Basement consists of dark concrete hallways and rooms of varying length, width, and size. The halls are devoid of lighting and have checkered flooring. The walls and floors of the level are commonly decorated with hellish depictions such as pentagrams, disturbing messages and freakish depictions of undocumented entities. The walls and floors are often soaked with blood and grime, giving the level an abhorrent stench at all times. This level bares a striking resemblance to The Studio, looking nearly identical save for the aforementioned differences.1

Rooms in The Basement may rarely contain items of value, such as Almond Water, Firesalt,2 Cookbooks, and very rarely firearms and ammunition, it is currently unknown how these arrived in the Backrooms. The aforementioned firearms appear to be in pristine condition and are often found already loaded with ammunition, coming from a series of Frontrooms brand weapon contractors. Wi-Fi is also prominent here but not to the same degree as The Studio.

Entities in The Basement, while rare, seem to be much stronger, faster, and deadlier than their normal counterparts, and as such are to be avoided. The most commonly seen entities are Smilers, Female Deathmoths, and Skin-Stealers. Camo Crawlers and Transporters have also been reported although more rarely than the previously mentioned entities. The Basement is also home to "Garland Clark"3 and one unique entity, nicknamed "Gaslighter", a tall humanoid entity that resembles a person in fire retardant gear, similar to that of a Fire Fighter in the Frontrooms, except covered head to toe in blood and with a shattered gas mask obscuring their face completely. This entity is the primary reason why this level should be entered cautiously, as they constantly emit what appears to be a modified and more potent form of Mustard Gas both from their body and from canisters they seem to carry around. They are very brutal and very hostile, and will chase and attack any wanderer that enters their line of sight, weapons have proven ineffective.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

"The Drunken Horse"

  • Made up of 10 members.
  • Open to trade for any items of value.
  • Contains a bar with many drinks.
  • A tech lounge with functional computers and screens is also present.

Consists of M.E.G Operators and wanderers who've settled down here to establish a safe-zone in this level, occasionally tended by "Garland Clark" and a humanoid equine entity who has been nicknamed "Jack".

The Living Quarters

Similarly to The Studio, there is a series of rooms that are always present in The Basement, albeit in shifitng locations. The Living Quarters is a series of rooms and is arguably the only real "safe zone" in this level. This area can be found by entering a cold steel door found randomly in the level, due to the maze-like and seemingly infinite apperance of this level, this can be difficult if not near impossible. Entities seem to be unable to enter this area for unknown reasons, making it a good hiding place for wanderers lucky enough to find it.

The first area of the Living Quarters resembles a standard bar4, or something akin to that of a Frontrooms "Speakeasy", with tables and chairs strewn about as well as a drink bar that seems to restock itself when no one is looking. This room is medium in size and has two doors leading to adjacent rooms, these are always present no matter the area placement.

The first of the two adjacent rooms is labelled "The Lounge", and is a small sized room with couches, some tables, lighting, and electronics.5 Food and drinks can rarely be found here and on one occasion Royal Rations were even located inside the room, strewn about on random tables.

The second of the two adjacent rooms is labelled "Garland's Room", and bares a striking resemblance to The Studio Room from The Studio, only slightly larger. It has a small computer setup, a bed, and random assortments of items strewn about the room, mostly firearms. The entity "Garland Clark" can often be found in this room whenever it is unlocked, for the sake and safety of wanderers in this level it is reccomended to leave them be, especially if they are busy.

Entrances And Exits


The Basement can be accessed from a cold steel trapdoor found randomly within The Studio.


The Basement can be simply exited from the same trapdoor it was entered through, alternatively a wanderer can find "Garland Clark" and ask them to remove them that way.

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