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Photo showing the entrance and exit of The Studio leading to Level 11 as well as some of the "rooms".

The Studio is an enigmatic level in the Backrooms best described as an assortment of concrete halls and rooms with no windows or exterior.


The Studio is a seemingly infinite level of the Backrooms, and looks akin to that of a bunker. The walls, ceiling and floors of the level are all made of grey concrete, but may appear as yellow-ish due to the overhead flourescent lighting. These flourescent lights are as of now the only source of light in this level, and are present in nearly every room and hallway. Because of the seemingly infinite nature of this level, it is really easy to get lost from the starting point if you're not careful. The parts of this level can range from hallways, rooms, or even dead-ends, these rooms can at rare-times hold Almond Water or other random assortments of Backroom objects such as Firesalt and even Royal Rations. This level seems to hold direct correlation to the entity Zach.EXE, who has said to have created this level himself, reports have also stated that this entity holds complete control over the level and can bend and shape it to its will.1 Wi-Fi is notably strong here, so make use of it.


As of now there are no pre-existing entities inside The Studio, however it does hold several unique entities, all of which appear to be sentient, these entities include Zach.EXE, "Blu", and recently "Garland Clark". Recently the newly documented entity Revake Koala have been reported a multitude of times to be present on this level as well as others, investigations are on going. Recently, it has been reported that entities have wandered in to The Studio from other levels, these entities are made up of Facelings, male and female Deathmoths, and Hounds, all of which seem to have an amplified version of the 11 Effect, as they act unreasonably friendly towards wanderers once The Studio has been entered.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

"Safe Heaven"

  • Spans over several rooms in a designated area.
  • Currently consists of 11 wanderers and 2 M.E.G personnel.
  • Open to newcomers and trade.
  • Friendly unless provoked.

The Studio Room

The Studio Room is a unique room in The Studio in that it is always present. This room consists of the same concrete walls, floor and ceiling as before, but is furnished with a table, bed, boxes, and a computer setup with a moveable studio microphone. Zach.EXE is commonly found here when not wandering the other levels of the Backrooms and is usually open to conversation if you can find him. The boxes in the room, while mostly unopened, occasionally contain random items from the Backrooms and the Frontrooms alike. These can range from the previously mentioned Almond Water, Firesalt, and Royal Rations; to firearms, Frontroom brand foods, and games. The room itself is rectangular in shape and sports white flourescent lights as opposed to the yellow flourescent lights of The Studio's hallways. In a recent addition, it appears a locked room across from it has appeared, no one has gotten in at the time of writing however audio indicates that there is someone or something living inside. The Studio Room has also gotten noticeably bigger in recent times.

Entrances And Exits


The Studio can be accessed through specific doors that will manifest at random, Zach seems to control this, notable locations are Level 0, Level 1, Level 4, and Level 11.


The Studio can be exited through the same doors the wanderer came in from, or if lost, one can find Zach and ask them to show them the exit, after which they will usually lead them to the exit. Exiting the first way will simply put you back onto the level you entered through, the latter option will put you on a random level, usually one that's safer unless you specify the level you wish to exit into.
Going through a cold steel trapdoor in the level will lead to The Basement.
Finding and crawling through an open canine carrier will lead to The Cage.

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