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Picture illustrating the Forest inside of The Cage.

The Cage is an Enigmatic Level of the Backrooms and is composed of multiple sections.


The Cage is a large level that consists of multiple different sections. The opening to this level starts out as a crawlspace that gradually opens up as wanderers travel through, eventually opening up to a metal room in a T-shape. This opening room contains a multitude of home appliances such as kitchenware, a couch and TV set, an animal rug that appears similar to a Frontrooms bear, a set of overhead lights, a heater, and various pictures of undetermined origin. At the end of the room lies three doors, one in the middle, and two at the end of either end of the T-Shape.

The left-most of the three doors leads to a bedroom of sorts, with a bed at the back end of the room, as well as other appliances typically seen in bedrooms, such as drawers, a dresser, a nightstand, and a wall-mounted TV. The few wanderers that have been in here have described the bed to be soothingly soft.

The right-most of the three doors leads to a simple bathroom, which contains what one would expect in a bathroom, with a functioning sink, toilet, bathtub and shower, all of which have access to clean water.

The middle-most and most prominent door is a wooden, ornate door that leads out to a large open forest, filled with violet fog that obscures the average wanderer's vision.

The Forest

The Forest as stated above is constantly filled with thick violet fog that makes it impossible to see more than 20 ft ahead. The Forest is filled with tall trees that seem to have no anomalous properties other than they are completely indestructable as far as we know. While the area wanderers are able to explore is limited,1 it can be assumed that the Forest itself is infinite. Reports have stated there to be wildlife within the forest, this is backed by the sounds of undetermined fauna heard by wanderers within the forest.2 This fauna is reported to look similar to deer in appearance, but has the external appearance of being made of wood, with reddish bioluminescent eyes. It has been confirmed however that they can be hunted, and serve as a source of food within this level. The terrain of The Forest is varied, and can go from smooth pathways to bumpy hills, some have even reported water that leads to a large waterfall and a large natural pool of water.3 Prolonged exposure to this section of the level results in wanderers getting a severe sense of paranoia, wanderers report feeling watched from an unseen source, and feel the need to exit the forest as quick as possible.


Reports have stated that Volpes have been seen roaming around along the other fauna of The Forest, this fauna has yet to be documented fully but seems to only consist of the plant-life and the Wooden Deers of The Forest.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

There are no known bases, outposts or communities on this level.

Additional Information

Many reports have stated that the elusive Victoria Lawrence has been sighted multiple times in this level and as such wanderers should be alert at all times. Efforts are being made by M.E.G to make sure the safety of wanderers is ensured within this level, those who capture and turn in Victoria Lawrence will be rewarded for their efforts.

Entrances And Exits


In order to access The Cage, wanderers must enter and crawl through what appears to be a small carrying cage often seen used to transport Frontrooms wolves located within The Studio


To leave The Cage, wanderers must crawl back through the crawl space they entered in from, this will most commonly put them back in The Studio however there have been some reports saying that on rare occasions this will spit them out into a level with a forest or any other levels that appear as forests.
Though unconfirmed some wanderers have reported that remaining in The Forest for extended durations of time will result in the wanderer passing out from fear and waking up on the outskirts of any forest in the Backrooms.

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