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Sanguinary.EXE is the true form of Zach.EXE and is known to be very malicious and cruel. Wanderers are heavily advised to stay away from this entity if seen. Sanguinary.EXE closely resembles Zach.EXE in that they have the same fur color, jacket and sweatpants.


Sanguinary.EXE will wander the expanses of the level it appears in, upon finding a victim it will hunt them relentlessly, toying with them, and eventually killing them. Outside of this, it will simply wander, often causing a visual blur effect to the level it's in, regardless of pre-existing anomalies. It has been shown to be capable of speech but it does so very rarely, and speaks in a very broken manner when doing so, akin to that of a broken record. It has been seen to interact with Entities, who exhibit signs of paranoia and hysteria when Sanguinary.EXE is in the same level. These interactions usually involve taunting or berating them in some form, or simply toying with them. This entity kills its prey in usually three common ways, tearing, rending, or consuming.1


Sanguinary.EXE holds a similar resemblence to Zach.EXE, sporting thin, snow-white fur that covers it's entire body. This version of the Entity holds several key differences however, to start the head has a completely different shape, displaying a long muzzle and with mane-like hair. The eyes and mouth of this entity are also noticably missing and replaced with a pitch black void. Wanderers who stare into this void report feeling sensations of nausea and hysteria. There are no visible "eyes" in these sockets save for rare occasions where emerald green eyes seem to fade in from the voids in the eyes before disappearing. The body of the entity is extremely emancipated, displaying a visible ribcage and spine. No organ systems can be seen however, so it is unknown whether or not this entity has needs for eating and drinking.2 This entity stands bipedally and seems to have a digitigrade leg structure, similar to canines. Size seems to vary between encounters but size usually ranges from 8' to 18' tall. The arms and legs are notably longer compared to its previous state, the hands and feet are clawed and are extremely sharp. Clothing on this entity is very similar to its previous state save for a lack of a shirt and shoes, as well as the fact that tears and rips have been seen in its clothing. On occasion, wanderers have reported that from the mouth the entity can sprout 1 - 10 almost tentacle-like tongues, these tongues have no defined length3 and are described as slick and smooth, but thick and occasionally sharp. Its tail is much longer and is tapered, ending with a large, razor-sharp arrowhead at the tip.


Reports have filed in about this entity but it was recently encountered when an outlying M.E.G outpost was overrun and destroyed by the entity in Level 11, leaving little survivors. Other outposts have reportedly met the same fate.

Slaughter Methods:

Rending usually is done via the sharp arrow-head on its tail, which is capable of cutting, dismembering, or even impaling entities and wanderers. The consumption process is done via the tongues from its mouth, depending on the size or weight of the entity or wanderer, multiple tongues will wrap around the wanderer and slowly pull them into its mouth. Wanderers by this point are usually unable to save themselves if they are alone as the tongues are very durable and seemingly immune to cutting or damage. Wanderers can be saved from this however if the entity is distracted, such as via loud noise, firesalt assaults, or repeated intervention. Survivors of this process describe as feeling a neverending feeling of hopelessness and dread accompanied by a following feeling of excruciating pain and torment unlike anything they've felt as they are consumed. Victims pulled into the mouth visually distort and fragment, the victims are completely conscious during this entire process, be weary as the screams from these events can draw in other entities. Tearing is simply done via it's claws and usually involves grabbing the wanderer and tearing them apart, typically limb from limb.

Addendum 5-23A

On the 2nd of January, this year, activities by M.E.G have been halted in The Cage due to a recent attack by this entity, the resulting carnage left a massive scar in the level's forest and has led to a total wipe out of M.E.G activity in the level. Coincidentally, this event occurred mere moments after an attempted capture of POI Victoria Lawrence, a connection has yet to be established between the two events.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Stay away from it
  • Run as fast as you can if it sees you.
  • Save others from being consumed.


  • Try to fight it.
  • Be a hero.
  • Attempt to reason with it.
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