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An artist's sketches on the entity, in their own colors.

Entity Name: Revake Koala1

Habitat(s): The Studio, Majority


Revake Koala is feathered, feminine bipedal entity of average size and animalistic appearance. Revake Koala holds resemblance to feathered raptors from the Frontrooms, only on a more humanoid scale. she is mostly friendly unless provoked.


Revake Koala can usually appear on about any level, and once doing so will often wander around with varying curiosity. Towards wanderers, she exhibits neutral
tendencies and often friendly actions, and may even end up following some around. They seem entire capable of speech and have occasionally held conversations with some of the wanderers she has followed. Towards other entities they retain the neutral outlook but have a more cautious attitude about them, and will not hesitate to strike at any entities that get too aggressive. The entities themselves usually have a tendency to ignore, revere, or flat-out attempt to attack Revake for unknown reasons. In terms of personality Revake is often very laid-back around wanderers, and often finds amusement in those curious enough to get close to her. In interactions they are usually calm and open to various topics, and depending on the situation can even be quite flirtatious at times, much to her amusement.


Revake Koala stands at around 5'8" 7'6", and bears a close resemblance to raptors from The Frontrooms. Their body is covered in a layer of feathers and fur, with patterns of black and white and a gold "trim" decorating the feathers. These feathers extend to be longer on the arms, giving the appearance of wings, though it is unknown if they are capable of flight. They have a digitigrade leg structure that resembles that of talons on Frontrooms birds, the hands and feet also sport 3-pronged talons which serve as toes, claws and fingers. Their overall body structure exhibits feminine traits, such as visible breasts, a defined waist-line and wider hips and thighs, they speak with a feminine, soft voice. The trim as well as the interior of her body appears to be a shiny gold, instead of what one would expect to be a just a dark shade of yellow. They sport a long tail that seems to be used for balance, covered in the same patterns mentioned previously. Their mouth holds a standard row of seemingly razor-sharp teeth, capable of shredding through flesh and soft materials such as cloth. Their eyes are a black and gold, with a black scelara surrounding them. They seem to have four ears, all of which have very keen hearing and are sensitive to loud noises.2 Under their feathers and fur they display several scars of unknown origin3, most being cuts, slashes and potentially bullet wounds.


Revake Koala was discovered suddenly when they accidentally noclipped and appeared in The Hub, causing mass panic amongst the wanderers within, Revake Koala used the panic to escape to another level.

Additional Info:

Like the other entities originating from The Studio, they seem to hold some correlation to the enigmatic entity Zach.EXE, to what degree is still unknown. It has also been reported that Revake Koala gives off what is described as a "holy radiance" whenever someone is in her presence, this has given the impression to most that Revake Koala is some-kind of divine manifestation, investigations are still on going. They also seem to display abilities that are still undocumented as of now, wanderers are to advise caution if any hostile encounters are to be had with this entity.

M.E.G Interview Log 3/21/2022

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Be friendly.
  • Say hello.
  • Let them do as they please.
  • Attempt to befriend them.


  • Attempt to assault them.
  • Attempt to aggravate them.
  • Annoy them.
  • Be rude to them.
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