Clisside/POI Victoria Lawrence

Victoria Lawrence.

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ID : Victoria Lawrence STATUS: ALIVE


[NAME]: Victoria Lawrence

Last Known Location(s): Level 1
Potential Affiliations: The Masked Maidens


Victoria Lawrence is a unique wielder of Object 24. They bear a humanoid female appearance but take on the ideology and tactics of a wolf, it is unknown if these are the effects of her unique mask. Of which, the mask appears to reflect that of the Kitsune Masks, except instead of taking the form of a fox, it takes the form of a wolf. Physically they take on a humanoid form, but have furred forearms and calves that are blackish-grey in coloration. The hands and feet are pawed, with the hands having large claws capable of rending flesh and other weak materials. This fur color matches the color of her hair and mask, which bizarrely enough seems to also have fur. Their clothes resemble that of a large black kimono mixed with a trenchcoat. For whatever reason they appear to act with the same tactics and mindsets seen in Frontrooms wolves, often found in levels with forests or open areas. They hunt regularly and target wanderers and any entities they deem "edible".1 It is currently unknown if they hold any allegiance with The Masked Maidens group.

Notable Information

Though unconfirmed, it is believed that this entity holds some correlation to the enigmatic entity Zach.EXE, this is due to their animalistic traits as well as the fact that Zach brings up a person who they've nicknamed "Vi", investigations are ongoing as of the time of writing this. They seem to hold some form of relationship with them, to what extent is uncertain as of now. It should be mentioned that while not hunting Victoria can be approached and conversed with, although they have avoided any and all attempts at interaction with anyone belonging to the M.E.G for unknown reasons. Because of their nature it is recommended that wanderers who do approach or are approached by Victoria to keep their attitude either calm or formal and to not aggravate or provoke them as this will either lead to them simply leaving or killing the wanderer. Along with the unique effects of her mask, her mask also seems to have the same effects as the Kitsune Mask, expect mischief or "conflicting" encounters. A more recently documented effect of her mask is her voice, wanderers report it as "unsettingly soothing" and gentle, but can change to aggressive or serious when needed. Most importantly, it has been reported that they seem to hold supernatural or anomalous abilities, most notably the ability to spontaneously produce flames from their hands, these flames are silver in coloration and are extremely hot, capable of melting through solid metal. Burns by this flame are often irreparable and usually cause sensations of weakness and fatigue in the victim.

Addendum 3/13/22

As of recently, actions have been taken against Victoria Lawrence, of which has had a sudden spike in hostile actions against the M.E.G, the reason for this, as of now, is unknown. As such, any sightings of this person are to be reported immediately, rewards will be set for her capture, hunters are permitted to use any means necessary so long as it brings them back alive.

Addendum 3/25/22

Recent attempts to capture Victoria Lawrence have proven unsucessful, but new information has been gained as a result nonetheless. Most important to note is that without her mask she seems to be completely powerless, or at least seemingly weakened. It should also be noted that tranquilizers are an effective way of stunning her temporarily should a wanderer need to flee, however this only seems to work with very potent tranquilizers. The rewards for her capture are being raised as of the time of writing.

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