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Entity Name: Blu1

Habitat: The Studio


An artists' rendition of Blu.


Blu is a tall, male, semi-humanoid entity located within The Studio, they are animalistic in appearance but friendly and caring in nature. Blu is covered head to toe in fur, with bright vibrant colors and patterns. They are seemingly completely friendly to humans and are very open to interaction, capable of sentient thought and open speech. They can occasionally be seen wearing a white hoodie for unspecified reasons.


Blu can be found roaming The Studio hallways and rooms, though often found in The Studio Room along with Zach.EXE, usually doing whatever it is they find to be the most entertaining.2 This entity can be approached for conversation, and is often very vocal. They seem to enjoy speaking on other creations they've made3 or other ongoing events. This entity can be oddly sympathetic depending on the individual, and will often give affection4 based on what the wanderer is comfortable with. It is recommended to seek them out if wanderers need help calming down as they have a oddly soothing effect to them.5 Blu is also notably protective, and if they see a wanderer being assaulted by an entity or without good reason, they will intervene, either peacefully or physically.


Blu's bodily structure is humanoid in appearance, but majorly animalistic, similarly to Zach.EXE. Blu is primarily covered in thick, soft fur, of which, has patterns of a creamy white color and stripes of cyan on his body in a symmetrical fashion. These stripes also seem to be semi-bioluminescent as these stripes as well as their eyes and internals glow faintly and can change color depending on their mood.6 Blu stands around 7' tall (2.1336M) and sports a mane of fur around the neck and head, they have a long snout and muzzle with very sharp teeth, their eyes lack visible pupils but visually get brighter where the pupils would be, their eyes are a aquatic blue color. On their head they have two, large blue horns that curve backwards, sharpened at the tip. They have a digitigrade leg structure and clawed feet and hands. As of now they have displayed the ability to eat, drink and sleep, but it is currently unknown whether or not they require this to the same extent as humans. They have a long tapered tail that ends with a large tuft of fur. If aggravated to a certain degree, the claws will turn red and heat up to around 220° Fahrenheit, capable of cutting clean through flesh and bone with ease.


Blu was first discovered when a wanderer entered The Studio Room and encountered the entity, the latter of whom was mid-conversation with Zach.EXE.

M.E.G Interview Log 3/14/2022

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Play with them if you get the chance.
  • Come to it for comfort.


  • Aggravate them
  • Attack or sadden them.
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