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Entity Name: Zach.EXE1

Habitat(s): The Studio, Majority


A heavily simplified artistic rendition of Zach.EXE.


Zach.EXE is a young male humanoid of average build displaying animalistic traits, such as white fur, ears, and a tail, they resemble that of a feline. Zach can be seen wandering random levels of the Backrooms and shows the same needs as humans do. Zach is fully capable of sentient thought and intellegent speech. They display no threat to humans unless provoked first.


Zach.EXE acts the same as the average human teen, displaying normal needs for eat, drink, and sleep. Zach.EXE will wander random levels or hunker down wherever they deem "suitable" for themself. Zach communicates the same way as humans do and will stop for conversations if approached first and can answer questions pretaining to entities and levels. They display a natural sense of curiousity towards the unknown, although this is rare to see due to their already pre-existing knowledge.2 Zach.EXE seems to hold almost omnicient knowledge on the Backrooms and everything that inhabits it, although all attempts at gaining knowledge on GOIs and other information pretaining to the Backrooms itself has led in very vague or undescriptive answers, when questioned about this he states that he's simply "Keeping things interesting". As of the time of writing this, they seem to hold no allegience to any given group within the Backrooms.


Externally, Zach.EXE takes on a humanoid appearance, standing at around 4' 6" (1.22 m). Their body resembles that of the average human in every sense of the word, primary difference being the everpresent snow-white fur that covers their entire body. Facially, they have a small cat-like muzzle, with blue eyes that look identical to that of a human's, their teeth are similar to feline teeth, most being sharp. They have no visible whiskers unlike cats however. For clothing they are most often reported wearing a black jacket with grey sleeves, black sweatpants, black shoes, and a varying shirt. The inside of the jacket is reported to be furred, and is quite soft. Personality wise, they are usually very open to conversation, and are quite friendly unless attacked or provoked. However if angered, they can become very blunt and sarcastic, or simply completely unresponsive.


Reports have been filed describing a white cat-like humanoid entity in the past, but a first-hand account was recorded when the entity "accidentally" glitched into Overseer-C's office.3

Additional Info:

It has been recently noted that Zach.EXE seems to hold a friendship with the entity nicknamed "Blu", they also seem to have some kind of close relationship with the elusive Victoria Lawrence, investigations are being held as of the time of writing. A more recent addition, Zach.EXE seems to hold some relation to the recently documented Revake Koala, investigations are being held as of the time of writing.

M.E.G Interview Log 3/4/2021

M.E.G Interview Log 3/28/2022

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Try to befriend him.
  • Talk with him to calm down.
  • Ask him questions about the Backrooms.
  • Ask him for things that you might need, chances are he'll provide.


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