Level 828: Fragmented Furniture

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An Image of level 828 "Fragmented Furniture"

You see a large array of chairs, couches, and tables. The lighting is visible but uncomfortable. You try using a flashlight to brighten things up, it doesn't change that brown manila glow. Why is this furniture blurry? What happens if you touch it… You don't want to know.

Level Description:

Level 828 is the 829th level of the backrooms.
Electric utilities work here, if you are able to find an outlet, and the wifi is relatively strong.
Level 828 resembles a 21st century furniture store with a wide assortment of furniture that consists of both frontroom brands and new, unidentifiable brands. The colors of the level are dull, and the lighting stays at a constant dark manila glow. The furniture has weird properties, depending on what type it is. Furniture that seems to be a brand of the frontrooms is stable and can be touched, but may disappear if not used for more than a few hours. The furniture that is what appears to be a creation of the level itself is unstable and it is highly recommended that wanderers do not touch these pieces of furniture because not enough information is gathered on the full properties of them. What is known about the furniture is that it is highly glitched unless stabilized by an associate entity , touching it has so far resulted in wanderers no-clipping into the void, or glitching themselves into becoming an associate entity . There is an unconfirmed theory that suggests that sitting in a glitched chair that appears to be decayed and partially dismantled has a small chance of sending wanderers to The Blue Channel. The size of the level is a seemingly infinite grid of furniture stores of varying sizes. These stores are connected by automatic sliding door entrances, similar to a frontrooms furniture store.

In addition to furniture such as chairs, couches, tables, and beds, there are occasional restaurants that have varying styles and names. The name of each restaurant is displayed on a sign in front of it, and these names are seemingly random, and there is no confirmed reasoning behind the names. The restaurants themselves are small in size, averaging 20 x 30 feet, with a counter at its front. These restaurants actually serve food.
To get food simply ring the bell on the counter in the restaurant and say any food order. Walk out of the restaurant and return and food will be present on the counter. Very rarely is the food on the counter what is ordered, but the food is still mostly consumable. On extremely rare and random occasions, royal ration is served. It is unknown if an entity or the level itself makes the food, and there is no observable kitchen behind the counter. The food should NOT be consumed if a green liquid is present. This green liquid has been confirmed to cause fragmenting disease. Alongside the food that is served is a glass that is either empty, contains almond water, contains liquid pain, or on rare occasions, a diluted liquid silence. The diluted liquid silence can only be effective when mixed with a drop of pure liquid silence. The estimated frequencies of food and beverages are listed below:

  • Correct Food order: 5.2%
  • Incorrect food order:94.7%
  • Royal rations served: 0.1%
  • Green liquid present: 10%
  • Almond Water served: 42.3%
  • Empty Cup: 34.5%
  • Liquid pain served: 23%
  • Diluted Liquid Silence served: 0.2%

Bases And Outposts:

The Carpenters Club: A group of 12 wanderers that have made this place home. They are friendly and open for trade. They mainly trade non-glitched furniture and diluted liquid silence.

The Freeloaders: A group of 5 college aged people that wander the level. They aren’t hostile, but they aren’t friendly either. They are not currently open to trade, and it’s best if they are left alone.


The Associate: The Associate is a friendly entity that resembles that of a run of the mill furniture store worker. The only difference is that their skin is a rose pink tone and they don’t have a nose. The associates are the only known entity in the level, and they have the ability to de-glitch furniture in the level. All you have to do is give something to the entity, and it will de-glitch a random piece of furniture within that store. The quality of the furniture that it chooses depends on the quality of the item that is offered. The entity also can communicate, and learn language very fast. It can only speak to you words that you have previously spoken to them, but it understands the meanings of the words immediately as they first hear them. These entities have only been confirmed to be on level 828.

Entrances And Exits


To enter the level, fall asleep in a chair or couch in level 3 or 5. It is rumored but not confirmed that there is a rare chance of entering level 828 by passing out in the chair found in the spawn room of level 7, but this method is not fully confirmed, and is advised not to be attempted.


To exit the level, go to the automatic doors found in between furniture store rooms and wait for them to close. Then jump into them and you will be transported to a store in level 11. Another exit that is not as reliable, but still possible, is ordering a “golden apple” at a restaurant, and hopping over the counter before the food is served. This will possibly transport you to level 232.

Additional Information and Explorer Logs

Fragmenting Disease Explained:

The fragmenting disease is a disease that has only been currently confirmed to come to fruition in level 828. The disease can be caught by consuming the green fluid found in some food within the level. The symptoms are potentially lethal, but can be cured with almond water. The first symptoms are sudden memory loss, and random, temporary loss of vision. These symptoms are not fatal, and last between 2 and 12 hours. After this is when almond water is no longer a viable cure, and the true fragmenting process begins. Random memories become flashing hallucinations, and you lose all sense of touch. Your body becomes unable to collide with any of the objects in the level. Not long after, you phase through the floor and disappear from the level. It is unknown what happens to wanderers after this stage.

Explorer Reports:

LOG 2.3.2009: Entry 2_32: AARON JOHNSON
I recently woke up at this level after I went to sleep in a hotel room on level 5. There is so much furniture here, and the amount of rooms is seemingly infinite. Communication seems to work fine here, and the Wifi works. It appears M.E.G. has not yet explored this level as there is no available information in their database. I found a room that looked like an empty restaurant and as a joke I rang the bell on the counter and asked for some fries. I left the restaurant, but shortly returned, and to my surprise, some french fries were sitting there on the counter somehow. Every time after that the order I received was not what I asked for, and I still can’t see how the food is made or how it gets there. But on to the main purpose of this log, which is that I have been losing memories for the past couple hours, and I have gone blind for several minutes at a time. This occurred not long after I had a meal, so maybe it is a side effect. Now that I think about it, what did I eat? When did I eat? Did I even eat? What level am I on? That bed looks comfy… I’m going to sleep now…

LOG 4.21.2013 Entry 4_21 M.E.G EXPLORER Janice_Cline
I finally gained access to this level after several years of independent research and exploration. I passed out in a chair on level 3 and ended up here. This appears to match the description of the report Aaron Johnson sent a few years ago. A group called the Carpenter's Club told me about a deadly green fluid sometimes found in the food, and about the associate entity. I recently contacted one of these entities, and we have conversations. It mostly talks about furniture, no surprise there. It told me how to exit the level, but that it can't leave with me. There is no easy way to get back to this level from what I've heard, and that you can only get into this level once. I may stay to continue research further. In addition to the helpful advice, the Carpenters have informed me about the functionality of time. Their leader, Johnathan, has been here for an estimated 52 years, but has very minimally aged. It appears the aging process is incredibly slow here. There is no day or night cycle, the lighting is constantly that eerie glow, but things are perfectly visible.

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