Extinguishing Memories

An Obscure Journal

On a humid summer day, the sun smiled. It's bright yellow shine walked across my freckled face. It was there, I awoke. Under a ponderosa pine tree, the branches and leaves spread evenly enough just enough for the sun to break through. Through the pines and the sounds of the bugs, I heard my mother's voice call for me.

At this point, I don't remember much about my mother. Her face to me in my bleak mind is a blank canvas that refuses to be painted. I've lost track of the endless passage of time. I fail to remember what she called me for. Was I receiving some sort of gift? No-

How could a gift be more memorable than my own mother's face? I can't even remember my father's face. Time, it keeps moving. Never moves back, never freezes, why can't I be like that? With the vast amount of rooms, creatures, and interesting sights I've seen, it never takes away the main component of being human. Fear, instinct, emotion. I have had a lot of time to think during my time here. I am real, what stops me from ending it all?

As much as I want to collapse, as much as I want to curl my small and cold body into a corner and die, I keep going. Once I managed to make it into an office-like space. Dispersed around the offices, I managed to find some sort of liquid substance. Of course, I was skeptical and frightened to attempt and drink the white liquid, dehydration and desperation slowly crept towards me.

Drinking that liquid had to be once of the best decisions in my time in these endless rooms- I've strayed off my story. I feel this is some sort of coping mechanism. Trying to write about events in the past to evade the thoughts of the future and what's to come. It helps, people don't. I've learned not to trust many people on my journey.

There was a group; I couldn't forget them of course. I believed they called them selves Amere? No, Amori? It was spelt similar to armor… Amor? Something along the lines of that, it must've had another word after it, I forget. As I was walking- Just merely walking… I felt their eyes watching me. I felt… trapped. I almost felt as if I knew that I was going to be attacked by someone. Did I trespass on their land? They looked like people but I didn't believe I could trust them. They almost looked like a cult, even before I was here, it's not wise to ever trust a cult, especially one that treads these halls. As sweat was close to dripping down my face, I ran. Straightforward, I took a left, then a right, then…

I lost track of them.

For once, tranquility. I wasn't alone with my thoughts. I stopped to breathe. Similar to that of time, I kept moving forward. As now, I stay in one room. Truly alone. I won't be alone. After treading forward, I can't bring myself to go on any longer. Despite what I've said about time, I'm not like it. I stop, and I can end. I made myself into a brown, and almost-peaceful hotel. The hum of music spreading itself like a plague through these hallways is unsettling, but peaceful.

Mother, Father? You'll never see this message. Nor will I see you any time soon. Although I believe now, you're getting older and older. If there is an afterlife beyond the ceiling of these rooms, I hope to see you there soon. I've felt a lot in my time here. I believe here of all places, could be a place to end my story.

I notice even small dust particles tend to disappear in mere seconds. It's odd, strange, everything is. If there is a creature lurking behind these brown, wooden walls. I only hope it'll extinguish my flame. For now, I leave this journal here. I assume that anyone that has found it has read it. It may be an overly late time, but I hope you have a better chance than I did out here. Goodbye, and good luck, Wanderer.

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