True Static


Class 4

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True Static is a very unusual and highly dangerous enigmatic level of the Backrooms.



A picture of a field taken inside of True Static.

The nature of True Static is very strange, as it doesn't exactly resemble any "normal" level of the backrooms. Instead, it looks like everything is inside of a giant television, which has been left on an invalid channel. The sky, foliage, buildings etc. are all staticky and mostly colorless. This static is also audible. While it is subtle, there is no physical way a wanderer can simply "drown out" the noise. The objects in the level also produce noise. Getting closer to any object will result in the noise getting louder.

The constant noise and static will deter the wanderer's sanity much faster than usual. Almond water seems to have no effect in maintaining sanity in this level. Instead, the wanderer has to locate and consume the water found in the level. This water is the only thing in True Static that isn't staticky. It's still different than normal water, however. It's pure black in color instead of clear, has a milky taste, and has a slightly thinner consistency while at the same time more dense.
This black water won't increase sanity, but it will prevent it from going down. That being said, water sources on this level are scarce. Although, there is a small lake near the center of the level that's filled with it. It's highly advised to fill up empty bottles with black water.

There is no day/night cycle in True Static. The area is always dimly lit by the static sky above. That being said, there is no Sun or Moon. There is still weather patterns, however. Every now and then, it will rain black water. This rain isn't harmful to the wanderer, although it is extremely loud and noisy which can be annoying. Depending on the situation, this rain could be a good or a bad thing.

True Static is a relatively small level, being only as big as a small town in the Frontrooms.
Bordering the level are endlessly tall borders of static, that once again resemble television static. Attempting to no-clip through these barriers or dig under them seems to be impossible. Inside these borders is a field, a few houses and roads connecting them. However, the placement of any buildings is random. The roads connecting the buildings are also random, as they twist and turn freely in any direction, including up and down.
Inside buildings a wanderer will occasionally find supplies like food, light-weight weapons, umbrellas and squirt guns. There is an extremely rare chance that a wanderer might also find noise-canceling headphones. These headphones completely null out the constant noise1 around the wanderer. Wearing these will also prevent sanity from going down, even without the need to drink black water.
If a television is present, there's also a chance of finding a slip of paper with channel numbers on them.


While in True Static a wanderer may stumble upon Hounds, Facelings, Wretches and Deathmoths. However, this is very rare because of an entity that's unique to this level: Non-sense. These entities are extremely dangerous to both wanderers and entities alike.



The only image of Non-sense found.

Non-sense is an entity that is purely unique to only True Static. It is extremely hostile, and almost completely inescapable if it's been alerted. It acts similar to a highly infectious disease, and it's only goal is to infect its victims and turn them into more Non-sense.

The way Non-sense attacks is unknown. However, a victim will definitely be able to tell if they are being hunted by one. Once Non-sense has gotten hold of a victim, it will slowly remove its main five senses one by one. (This includes: sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch.) The order in which senses are removed is random, and will also take a relatively long time. (About 5-7 hours.) Noise-canceling headphones seem to have no effect on the entity, nor its attacks.
For example: If a wanderer has unfortunately been tracked down, they might suddenly become completely blind. The only thing they can see is complete static, as if their eyes were right up against a television. An hour later, their hearing goes. This continues until either the victim can somehow escape the Non-sense, or they lose all 5 of their senses.
Once a victim has lost all of their senses, they will go limp and begin the process of "Noising". This process is extremely painful, and takes about an hour to fully complete.
Once it's finished, the wanderer has now become another Non-sense entity.

Non-sense is so infectious and dangerous that it can actually turn other entities into Non-sense as well. It is this reason that there are usually no other types of entities found inside True Static, however the area itself really hasn't been explored very far.

The only way to fight back against Non-sense is to splash or submerge it with black water. These entities cannot stand this water, and because of this all of the Non-sense entities will attempt to hide away from any rain. While raining, the outside area of True Static is almost totally safe to travel.
If a Non-sense entity comes in contact with black water, it will wash away some of its static and the entity will retreat to a hiding spot to protect itself. If the entity is somehow completely submerged by black water, (either by rain or by it somehow falling into a water source,) it will "kill" the Non-sense off of whatever it infected, and the entity will begin going through the process of "denoising."

Denoising is pretty much the exact same process as noising but in reverse. Whatever entity or wanderer was hit by Non-sense will revert back to whatever they were. This process is extremely painful, but most entities/wanderer's end up surviving this change back.
If a wanderer successfully changed back, they will be mostly back to normal. However, they won't have any memory of any transformations and the wanderer will unfortunately have permanently lost any one of their senses.
If an entity successfully changed back, they will also go back to normal. However, this means that if an entity was hostile before it transformed, it will still be hostile now.

If a victim of Non-sense has successfully escaped, any senses they've lost will continue to be lost until they've bathed in black water for an undetermined amount of time. Although, the amount of time it takes to gain senses back usually never exceeds three hours.
If a victim has turned back to normal from denoising, they cannot gain any lost senses back.


There are no bases or outposts inside True Static because of it's harmful environment.

Entrances and Exits:


In any level if a television is found and has power, turn it on and set it to a static channel. Once that has been done, successfully no-clipping into it has a very small chance of being sent to True Static. Alternatively, sitting very close to the television (close being only a couple inches away from the screen) and watching the static for a few minutes also has a slight chance of being sent to True Static.

Note: These methods will only work on older style televisions like CRT's and older. More modern televisions will not work. Attempting these methods on modern televisions has a chance of being sent somewhere else!


Occasionally televisions will be found inside of buildings and houses. These televisions can be set to a very wide selections of channels2, but almost all of them are static. Selecting a valid channel will show either Level 11, Level 12, or The End. If a slip of paper with a channel number is found within the level, it's a guaranteed valid channel.
Successfully no-clipping into the television on any of these channels has a near 100% chance of being sent to the respective level. Unfortunately, there is an extremely rare chance of being sent to a deeper level of True Static. (Although this is unconfirmed.)

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