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Class 4

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Photo of one of the level's atriums.

Level STAYPO is an enigmatic Level made from plastic blocks. It is known to redirect doors throughout the Backrooms.


STAYPO is a level constructed entirely out of oversized, plastic bricks with studs, with the brand name “STAYPO” labeling the studs.


The STAYPO logo present on all bricks.

The color scheme of each room is most commonly white and primary colors. The walls and ceiling pallet often mismatch with clashing coloration. Most of the bricks are faded or yellowed with age, some of which contain dust, scratches, grime, or other signs of wear and tear.

Wanderers report an uneasy familiarity with the aesthetic. This may be due to childhood experiences with certain brands of construction toys, or the generic and stark nature of the Level architecture. Some have reported the scent is nostalgic, but cannot place the aroma. Some have compared the aroma in the more enclosed spaces to oily plastic, faint tobacco, “old person”, or stale water.

Although unlikely, non-STAYPO items can be found here if left by another wanderer. No non-STAYPO items are native to the level, with the exception of STAYPO instruction manuals, found sporadically. Everything is made out of plastic, and nothing depicted from STAYPO bricks or its plastic props will function. There is no water, no food, and no power. It is highly encouraged to start creating the advised exit at the moment of arrival.

The level’s layout is a network of rooms, stairways, and corridors that transition between four distinct styles.

The Atrium Zones

The atriums are a collection of stark halls. These halls are well illuminated by large skylights into a white void. They contain pillars, bridges, catwalks, slopes, and stairways and are characterized by being vast open spaces. Entities are the least common here.

The Corridor Zones

These are usually small and transitory areas between the other zones. The corridors are characterized by long, empty, arched passages. Light is provided by translucent bricks containing fluorescent bulb filaments, or by the aforementioned skylights within junctions. Some areas are poorly or completely unlit.

The Room Zones

The rooms are less uniform than the above. They contain corridors and rooms that are more comparable to a residential, commercial, or institutional property. These may contain furniture and objects made of micro-bricks1. Plastic doors and windows are present here and lead into other rooms, but there is no conformity to its layout. For example, a room laid out like a library may have a window leading into a family dining room. A corridor will have any number of doors leading to unrelated buildings. This area is where the highest concentration of entities can be found. There are no skylights, only fluorescent bulbs.

The Pits

The pits are the final distinct style. Most notably, whereas the atriums, corridors, and rooms may make up multiple, repeating themes throughout Level STAYPO, the pits are only present once. The pits are characterized as short corridors, stairwells, and brutalist architecture. The ceilings can often be low and the passages are sometimes too narrow for larger people to squeeze through. The color scheme is erratic. Although some walls, floors, or ceilings may be made up of a single brick color, most of the time bricks are a mix of black, white, green, yellow, red, or blue. Multicolored walls become more frequent in other surrounding zones the closer they are to the pits. The pits are a zone that occupies a relatively small footprint on the x and y-axis2. The pits are a central vertical zone within STAYPO, and contain the exit known as the “Plastic Abyss”.


Although Level STAYPO has a Class 4 designation, it is drastically more survivable than other levels of the same class, providing the wanderer is aware of the level's properties.
The most likely entities to encounter are STAYPO “Inhabitants” known as “The Molded”, which are for the most part harmless; but can present significant survival challenges if wanderers are unaware of how to deal with them.

  • The Molded are only found on this level, found almost entirely within the "room" zones.
  • “Brick Mimics” are an uncommon threat, and this level is most likely their level of origin. Avoid anything that looks like a human made from micro-bricks. They are found mostly in the "room" zones, but are found sporadically throughout the level.
  • Vanderbuilt is an enigmatic level-spanning entity that; although dangerous, can be kept in a passive state.
  • There has been one reported occurrence of a Partygoer.

Entrances And Exits


No tangible and reliable entrances have been found. A few factors make a door more likely to “link” to Level STAYPO.

  • The wanderer has childhood memories of playing with plastic-brick construction toys.
  • The wanderer is particularly creative.
  • The wanderer has been using creative methods to stay sane, such as drawing or making up games.
  • The door itself is entirely white, yellow, blue, or red.
  • The door is made from PVC.
  • The wanderer has previously been to Level STAYPO and is on “good terms” with Vanderbuilt.
  • Learning of STAYPO's existence.


There are 3 known ways of exiting Level STAYPO.

Advised Exit

Constructing an exit sign from green and white micro-bricks. The recreation must include a man running, an arrow, and the words “Fire Exit”. Placing it above any door will cause that door to open onto the floor the wanderer originally entered Level STAYPO from. The accuracy of the sign is important and incorrect renditions have led to sub and negative versions of the floor the wanderer originally entered from, as well as the void.

BE AWARE: Green STAYPO bricks are hard to find. Look for house plants, fruit bowls, and books.

Exit Doors

Finding a door with a “Fire Exit” sign above it, these doors lead to the floor the wanderer originally entered Level STAYPO from.


A naturally occurring exit door, and the sign that must be recreated for the advised exit.

There has been an occurrence of a sign above a door saying “Level Fun” made of STAYPO bricks, but the door was not tested. It’s advised to be aware there may be exits to other levels less favorable than STAYPO.

The Plastic Abyss

The "Abyss" is located in the pits. The Abyss is considered to be located considerably deep within the pits comparable to the height at which most wanderers arrive in the Level. In theory, someone could arrive in Level STAYPO beneath the level in which the Abyss is present. However, beneath the Abyss fluorescent lights begin to become unreliable and less and less common. This is the only guide to suggest a wanderer is ‘too deep’.

The Abyss itself is located in a large hall made from black bricks; the floor is multicolored. It is well illuminated, as the lattice of beams that make up the ceiling all contain many fluorescent lights. The Abyss itself is a curved funnel, where the floor begins to lower with greater steepness the closer it gets to the center of the room. The approximate outer diameter of the hole is 50m. It appears as if the floor has melted, sagging downwards indefinitely, creating a smooth slope of plastic, with some irregular stretching and mixing of the plastic colors.
Sliding down this “Abyss” will drop the wanderer into a dark space above the roof tiles in Level 0.

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