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Ok… This level has Wi-Fi, thankfully. I think this place is completely new, so that'll definitely be good for the views. So, what's up guys, this is Jack, and in this livestream I'll be exploring… Well, I'm not sure what this level is…

Despite his predicament, Jack chuckles to hold off several bad feelings, before turning the camera to look at something.

So, right now, I'm in a completely black room. There's… I think they're weapons, all on these weird, smooth blocks.


One of the weapons at the starting area of the level. Picture taken from Jack's recording.

And… For some reason, there's also what looks like a dog named Bourbon. What do you think I should do here, chat?

In the corner of the recording, messages come flooding in.

Of course, of course, you want the dog! Well, why not?

Jack walks towards the dog, and reaches out to touch it. In an instant, he is transported into a new area. The sudden change from dark to bright almost blinds him.

Shit… Wha..? Oh god, that light is blinding…

He takes a moment or two to regain his composure and adjust his eyes to the reflecting light.

It feels like- like I'm walking in static. There's a bunch of towers with black and white stripes… Wait, hold on, I think I have something in my eye…

He brushes his hands over his face several times, before quickly stopping

Ok, wait… I don't know if this affects the camera, chat, but for some reason there's a clock in the top left of my vision. Like, it's not there, I can't touch it, but it's there. Do you guys see it?

The chat only responds with negatives, and with discomfort, Jack looks around, searching for anything useful. He knows that, despite being a popular level recorder, this is the Backrooms, and there could be danger in anything - especially in places not yet discovered. The camera settles on what looks like a stone tower, very out of place amidst the towers. He quickly approaches it, and enters.

Inside the tower, there is something vaguely resembling a human. He follows the characteristics of the level, however, appearing as if he were drawn digitally. He is clad in what looks like metal armour, comparable to that of a knight. "There you are, Jack! Have you been updated on the kingdom's current state of affairs?" It questions him.

What? How do you know my- Yes, I was told to come here and find you, Salis.

Jack reels in shock at how his own speech is cut and replaced. He knows he didn't intend to say that, but at the same time he did. He has no time to react, however, as the knight begins speaking again.

"Excellent! You shall go with me, then. There is a camp of bandits in the mountains north of here, and King Rouen has ordered us to destroy it. It should be an easy task. Exit the tower when you are ready."

The knight finishes his dialogue, leaving Jack completely bewildered. He glances around the room, shaken to the core. He collapses back against a wall, only to feel it is not made of any kind of rock - instead, it is made of a smooth, glass-like material. This is too much. Jack completely faints into unconsciousness…


A picture of Salis, taken from the recording.

Only a second or two later, the scene changes from the stone tower to a forest. Jack, although unconscious, is walking perfectly. Despite being in a forest, though, Jack's footsteps sound more like they're hitting plastic. The movement and sound quickly wakes him again.

God… This place makes my head hurt… Was Salis your name? What exactly is this level?

Salis pays no attention to Jack's panicked enquiries. That is outside his capabilities. Instead, he starts a completely unrelated topic, pointing forwards towards an opening tunneled into a large mountain. "Well, Jack, that's our target. The bandit camp is in a cave right at the foot of the tallest mountain. If you need more time to prepare, prepare faster instead. We have no time to waste!"

The two march onward and into the cave. Jack is still bewildered at everything that is happening. When he does suddenly regain control of his body, he collapses to the floor of the cave. As this happens, the bandits emerge from shadows.

What am I even supposed to do here!?

The discombobulated explorer shouts helplessly, before trying an idea. He can't tell if it is his or one forced into his mind.

Bourbon, over there! Those are the enemy!

At Jack's cry, Bourbon leaps at one of the bandits, slamming their head into a sharp bit of the cave wall. She does this repeatedly, being incredibly agile and dodging slashes from the swords and knives of the so-called enemies.

Once the last bandit in view is defeated and the way is clear, the level seizes control of Jack's mind once more. He turns to face right, where Salis is kneeling by a bag. The knight takes out some papers, and reads them quickly, before looking up at Jack. "Well, it's now we find that this was all for nothing. This entire camp was a distraction. The bandits are actually attacking the city now, and without us it is entirely undefended. I have to go back. You should go and inform the king - his castle is to the west of the city.

Salis leaves without another word, disappearing out of the cave. A glowing red circle appears in his wake, hovering in the air. With control of his body regained, Jack moves to touch the circle. The instant he does, a loud, almost electronic noise plays. He now feels completely refreshed.

Finally, that's over! Chat… WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS PLACE!?

He throws his hands out into the air dramatically, before looking properly at his phone again for the first time in a while. As expected, everyone is as or more confused as he.

Messages quickly run up the corner of the screen, most of them agreeing with getting out as fast as possible.

Alright, I'll try and go to the city… Hopefully I don't get forced into going the other way by whatever is causing it…

Jack now exits the cave, looking at the distant black and white striped towers. He begins to walk that way, through the fake forest. Nothing actually happens as he does this. Compared to every event leading up to now, it is desolately silent. The only sound is Jack shoes against the hard material of the ground - there is not even wind to make a noise.

As he gets closer and closer to the city, Jack feels as though something is closing in. His mind creates things to fill in the emptiness, but that only increases his paranoia. Then, right as he gets within a certain distance of the city, the silence is not only shattered, but vaporised in a jet of noise and flame.

What the fuck..?

The fire is fake, made of the same material as the buildings, the ground, and the sky, but that isn't what surprises Jack the most in this situation. Instead, it's the abrupt change from total silence to loud noises of attacking bandits and cries from humanoid silhouettes that run between streets. He can't help but feel as if he did something wrong, as if he took a wrong path to the city.

From one of the towers, a large portrait is unfurled, portraying an unknown figure. At the same time, a door that leads inside appears.


The portrait hung from the tower.

As this happens, Jack notices a different building from the rest to his right. Whether it was here before or not, he couldn't remember, but it was unimportant. This building has a large, blue plus sign at the front and middle of the roof, as if it were a hospital.

So, chat, we have two ways to go. You know how this works by now.

Jack waits for the suggestions of his livestream chat, and eventually decides to go into the tower. At this point, he and nearly everyone else wanted to get things over and done with as fast as possible. He skips and swings himself up several flights of stairs before coming to a long, open bridge.

From opposing ends of the bridge, a warrior and a king charge each other and lock blades. The king is adorning red plate armour, with a cylindrical helmet. The warrior has similar plate armour in a camo pattern, with the helmet being more head-shaped.

"Caen! Your demise meets you here. You have caused enough damage to this city and the kingdom as a whole!" The king yells.

Ok, I definitely missed something… What are they even talking about?

Jack approaches the two battling warriors, with Bourbon following closely. Despite the height and openness of the bridge, there is no wind or even any disturbance. The air feels uncomfortably still, near suffocating even, despite there being plenty enough oxygen to breathe.

As Jack approaches, the one in the red armour very unnaturally turns his head close to 180 degrees to look at him. "Jack! Finally, you're here! We're in a deadlock, come here and assist your king! This is the task a knight like you spends his life training for!"

Jack is only more bewildered, but the unseen force drags him into the situation anyway. He points towards the warrior in the camouflage armour.

Bourbon, go!

The dog dashes forward and leaps up onto the head of the warrior with surprising agility. The warrior quickly loses balance and is off the bridge in moments, falling out of sight, as Bourbon bounces back onto the bridge. Control is regained. The king turns completely to face Jack.

"Well done, brave knight! I was almost sure Caen would overpower me. But it is done. Thanks to you, everyone is saved. Well, whoever he and his bandits haven't killed, that is, but such is no matter! Feel free to check on the people of the city, I will have something for you later on."


The king, Rouen.

The king then goes completely still, gazing blankly at nothing. Jack looks around, seeing nobody else, before trying something. He reaches out towards Rouen, and is immediately able to note that his armour is made of the same smooth, glassy material as all else here. He pushes, curious as to what the result would be. The king topples like a balanced pole, perfectly rigid, right off the bridge.

Out of the blue, the entire scene is sent into chaos. Time freezes around Jack, and dozens of squares appear in the air, reading "ERROR! MISSING INSTANCE. IF THIS MESSAGE APPEARS, PLEASE REPORT THE INCIDENT TO PIXEL." Just over a split second later, Jack is falling through the bridge, through the air, and through the ground.

He lands with a resounding thud in a small room.

Hey! You made it out! How was the game?

Jack takes a moment to register his senses, before painfully standing up.

What… Was… Any of that..?

Oh, it's something I've been working on for a long time! Did you enjoy the experience?


Pixel, as she greets Jack in the recording.

You said it was - oh my god, now it makes sense!

Jack leans against one of the walls exhaustedly, looking around. The room is fairly empty. There is a 2 dimensional bed near the opposite wall, an open door to the right that leads into an unseen area, a chair at a desk, with the desk containing a modern PC, and a plaque reading "Level 390"

Still… Who exactly are you? I don't remember any person or entity that looks like you.

I am the Holder of games, Pixel! I created this level, and-

Ok, I think there's something important that I should mention… This "game" told me to tell you about it. Something about a "missing instance".

Pixel's expression changes from happiness to frustration in a flash.


Before Jack can answer, she flies up and phases through the ceiling in the blink of an eye. The explorer sighs, and moves to check what is through the ajar door. But before he can do so, she is back. Control is once more stripped away from Jack, and it is now clear who is causing that effect.

Well… I must thank you for discovering all of these bugs and errors in my game, but you clearly abused them to your own advantage. I can fix them, but I do need a replacement for the NPC you pushed out of existence… Believe me, there are far worse fates than this, so please cooperate.

In an instant, Jack is gone. His phone bounces on the floor before falling out through the door frame, ending up in the Gamechanger

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