BlueSkiesAbove 2
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["BREAKING NEWS! During early 2024, several "entities" suddenly appeared, without any confirmed place of origin! According to all of their claims, they travelled here from somewhere far beyond the current human limits! And finally, after multiple years of separation, we have been given the chance to reunite in this article, all because of the group known as the the M.E.G!"]

Alright, Correspondent… don't get into your monologues too fast, we all have a part to speak here!

Hello, people of Cluster 1. I'm sure you've heard of us in some way, but we are the 5, those "entities" from a distant realm.

{The Quizzer}: So, who are we exactly? Why are we here? That's… actually not for you to guess this time.

I've already answered that!

If you haven't seen us already, we all seem like we've been, at least according to you humans, drawn, like an art piece. No, we were not - that's just what we look like.

- Although, of course, one of us is an artist. That is I. -

Yes, that's Palette. And I'm Pixel. I think you can guess by each of our names that we named ourselves after our interests and roles!

["And that's all the time we have for the context and introduction! Now, onto the origin story!"]

So, originally, there were far more of us. We lived together on a world isolated from pretty much everything, but it certainly wasn't true isolation, for we had one another!

But anyway, one day we heard of this so-called "cluster". Like you humans, we were all naturally curious. 5 of us were sent here, the 5 you know of now. But as soon as we passed through into Level 999, it became quickly apparent that there was no way back. No more contact with our home, our friends, and they wouldn't even know if we died… I regret ever coming here…

- Yes, as Pixel said, we're all trying to find a way back. There is something we possess which may be of use, however. -

- During our travels, we found something inside a level which no longer exists. Some sort of crystal, embedded with immense power. -

{The Quizzer}: And that thing is currently in my possession, is it not?

- It is. And… make sure nobody gets hold of it. We don't want anyone creating dangerous levels everywhere… -

Yeah… so this crystal, once we took it, we found ourselves all the way back in Level 0, and have mostly been separated since then. Right now, only me and Quizzer, and Advertiser have reconnected properly. But I'm sure we'll get together again soon!

#That's right! And you know just where to find us in our levels! Terms and conditions apply.#

{The Quizzer}: So, what's next?

- Well, the next part is only a summary of names and locations, so how about we all participate in this one? In case you forgot, my name is Palette. As for location, I don't stay in one place often, so that information would amount to nothing. -

{The Quizzer}: You can see my name in the transcript, yes? As for my location… COME ON DOWN TO LEVEL 391 AND HAVE YOURSELF SOME FUN!

And you know where to find me! In my greatest creation!

#You can get great homes for cheap prices at… wait, that's not it! Uh… Great homes for cheap prices will be available when we finish setting up my level!#

["And you'll see me again in the next broadcast! Goodbye!"]


The 5, as depicted by Palette, created in 1982.

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