Level 582


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Level 582 is the 583rd Level of the Backrooms.

And it's beautiful.


The outside of the shop during a snowy day, with all text blurred.


Level 582 is a street containing a series of empty buildings, with a video rental shop as the main building and the only one that is not empty. The shop is similar in appearance to the now extinct █████████ franchise video rental shops from the Frontrooms, but called "█████████ █████ ███". The level has self-censoring properties regarding the video rental shop and the covers of the movies and videogames, censoring pictures and texts mentioning those.

The street surrounding the video rental shop extends for an unknown distance on both directions, but its mostly inaccessible, since traveling more than 25 meters from either side of the shop makes the wanderer no-clip to a random level1, so it's strongly advised for wanderers to stay near the shop. The level has a normal day-night cycle, with all 4 seasons from the frontrooms, but it can be altered by wanderers2.

The insides of the shop are seemingly just like what most people would expect from it, with numerous shelves containing all sorts of movies and videogames, but all of the ones found on the main room of the shop are only about The Backrooms, multiple movies and videogames telling about stories set inside of random Backrooms levels, some of which were never officially discovered by the M.E.G. or any known wanderer. Research about the content of Level 582's exclusive media is currently being done by the M.E.G. members, in order to gather more important information about the nature of The Backrooms, considering that the information about already known Backrooms elements on most of the analyzed material is completely accurate.

But the main reason why so many wanderers have interest in visiting level 582 is because of the other three areas inside the shop, containing massive amounts of entertainment from the frontrooms and easy ways to exit to other levels. The level is inhabited by a single entity known as "The Shopkeeper", who is friendly to all people that enter Level 582, giving all the necessary help and information you may need. And everything you could ever wish for.

Other Areas

The Frontrooms Archive


A picture of a small section inside The Frontrooms Archive.

The Frontrooms archive is a room accessible via a staircase inside the main room of the shop. The room has non-euclidian properties making it massive, containing possibly kilometers of shelves with all sorts of audiovisual media from the Frontrooms, including movies of every kind, videogames from all consoles, TV shows and others that were never even actually released in DVD format in the Frontrooms, and all have subtitles available for all known human languages. Everytime new media is released on the Frontrooms, the room expands and adds more content with no apparent external influence, how these anomalous properties work is currently unknown.

The shelves of The Frontrooms Archive are divided by language, type of media and genre, and the media inside the shelves is sort in alphabetical order. A main shelf located at the start of the room shows the currently most popular games, movies and shows in the Frontrooms, including titles like "████████: ███████", "███████ █████" and "█████ ████".

Copyright infringement is no good…


It was found that the computers in The Chill Room are also affected the Level's self-censoring properties.

The Chill Room

Once you will rent a Liminal Disc3 from the shop and enter The Chill Room to use it, The Shopkeeper will ask if you want "to chill or to thrill", don't accept to thrill unless you know exactly what you're doing.

The Chill Room is accessible via a white door inside the main room. Its a much smaller room, aproximately 15 meters long, and contains multiple computers with working wi-fi and a vending machine with snacks from unknown brands that always refill itself. The vending machine requires no payment, but it cannot be used if the wanderer don't have the intention of using the computers from The Chill Room. Wanderers that ate the vending machine's snacks reported much higher skills and reflexes during gaming, to the point where there skills are comparable to an A.I.

The computers of the Chill Room all have their hour and date perfectly syncronized, any alteration of hour and date in a single computer is instantly applied to all other computers, and the time and weather of the level will change according to the selected date and hour. Due to this effect Level 582 is usually at night-time and winter, a climate considered cozy and nostalgic by many wanderers. Other computers brought to Level 582 from outside levels don't have the anomalous properties of the computers from The Chill Room.

Its recommended that wanderers use The Chill Room when arriving at Level 582 to relax and preserve mental health after a journey on more dangerous levels. As long as you don't wish to thrill…

The exit

The exit is a wooden door located in the main room that under normal conditions leads to a bathroom, but if you tell The Shopkeeper that you want to leave, they will open the door and create a portal to another level, usually levels that are similar to Level 582 in some way, examples include: Level 68, Level 153, Level 6.1, Level 400, Level Fun =), Level 98, etc. It should be noted that some of those levels are dangerous, so it's not recommended to jump into the first level you see behind The Exit door, if the door leads you to a dangerous level, ask for the Shopkeeper to close the door and then open again, this will create a new portal to another level, you can keep repeating this process until you find a safe level at the other side of the door. It's recommended that you enter once you see baloons =) at the other side, because it leads to a shut up.


The Shopkeeper

The Shopkeeper is the sole entity inhabiting Level 582, they have a friendly personality and will help wanderers with any trouble or questions they have while in Level 582, and they know the exact location of every single piece of media in the shop, including the Frontrooms Archive, and have an abnormal amount of knowledge in pop culture, often spending hours talking to wanderers about their favorite shows and games. The Shopkeeper also despises spoilers of any kind, when talking about your favorite media, be sure to know if the people around you already know about what you're going to talk, or you can just talk via private chat.

They have no specific physical form or gender, and instead take the appearance of popular fictional characters from Frontrooms media. The chosen character is changed every 24 hours, and has the exact same voice as the original character's voice actor from the main language of the wanderer, if two wanderers with different main languages hear The Shopkeeper speaking at the same time, they will hear completely different voices, and if the wanderer's main language never dubbed the chosen character, the wanderer will temporarely gain the ability to understand the character's original language, similar to the effects of Babel Balm.

After a certain unpleasant incident., it was discovered that The Shopkeeper's body is indestructible, it's biology is still a mystery, some people believe that they just assume the biology of the chosen character, but this can't be confirmed.


The Liminal Discs

The name "Liminal Discs" was chosen by the Shopkeeper themselves, referencing The Backrooms itself. It refers to all discs of Level 582, from both the main room and The Frontrooms Archive. To rent the desired media, you only need to pay The Shopkeeper with any Backrooms-specific objects, the time you can spend with a specific Liminal Disc depends on the object given, some examples include:

  • 1 bottle of Almond Water lets you stay with a Liminal Disc for the next 72 hours
  • 1 bottle of Cashew Water lets you stay with a Liminal Disc for the next 24 hours
  • 1 portion of Royal Rations lets you stay with a Liminal Disc for the next 1 month (30 days)
  • 1 bottle of Lucky'o Milk gives you different amounts of time to spend with a Liminal Disc depending on the flavor: 24 hours for Regular flavor, 36 hours for Strawberry flavor, 48 hours for Choco and Matcha flavor, 7 whole days for Banana flavor, and 14 whole days for Luck flavor.
  • A single gram of Liquid Silence lets you stay with a Liminal Disc for the next 7 whole days.

But i'm not accepting any instance of Object 96, they are way too precious, i would feel bad accepting one.

The time is counted using the date and hour of The Shopkeeper's personal computer, to avoid problems with levels where time behaves differently.

Once rented, the Liminal Disc can be transported by the wanderer to other levels, or it can just be used inside The Chill Room. Liminal Discs have a property that allows them to reproduce their media outside of Level 582 without requiring any eletronical device, getting close to paper and reflective surfaces such as glass and water and opening the disc box will play the contents of the Liminal Disc normally on one of the mentioned surfaces, the menu can be controled with your voice, allowing movies and shows to be played with no issues, but videogames can only be played if the wanderer carries a controler or a keyboard with a mouse with them, but those don't need to be connected to any source of power, only their presence near the disc box makes them usable, broken ones also work as long as all buttons are available.

The media from Liminal Discs has an effect that hypnotizes most common entities, such as Deathmoths, Hounds, Smilers and Skin-Stealers. The entities will stop moving to watch whatever is being played, and will stay there until it ends, not reacting to anything else, including being physically hurt. Wanderers can use this to lure and kill dangerous entities, or run away, but be warned, if the disc box is ever closed, the screen will fade away and the entities will return to their normal behaviour. The effect of working on paper and glass also makes Liminal Discs capable of making entities 3 and 150 disappear. Once the time a wanderer can spent with a specific Liminal Disc expires, the wanderer is immediatly transported to Level 582, independent of the level they were previously, this can be used to escape dangerous levels if you can survive long enough.

Due to the previously mentioned properties, Liminal Discs are considered one of the best defensive tools a wanderer can possibly get, it's not recommended to leave Level 582 without one.

The Thrill Glasses

When entering The Chill Room, The Shopkeeper will give you 2 options, if you choose to "chill" you can just enter the room and enjoy, however, if you choose to "thrill", The Shopkeeper will give you The Thrill Glasses, a pair of 3D Glasses apparently made out of plastic, that when held, gives you and strong desire to use it, comparable to that of consuming Royal Rations. If a wanderer inserts a Liminal Disc in a computer of The Chill Room while using The Thrill Glasses and sitting on the computer chair, and effect similar to that of Level 142 will affect the wanderer, and transport their mind to the universe of the media on the selected Liminal Disc. While in this state, wanderers will feel everything shown by The Thrill Glasses as being real, but unlike Level 142, they are in a state of temporary imortallity while wearing The Thrill Glasses, dying inside the simulation will bring you back to reality and stop the effect of the glasses, so it's recommended to only use the most innofensive pieces of media when doing this, to avoid potential mental hazards.

It was also discovered that all objects in Level 582 are indestructible, any previous attempts to break them were fruitless.


The cover for the movie "The Odyssey of Jerry". It was described by The Shopkeeper as "peak graphic design".

The Backrooms Discs

The Liminal Discs in the main room contain all sorts of movies, shows and games about The Backrooms itself, including many stories adapted from expedition files from travelers, and for unknown reasons, they are not affected by Level 582's self-censoring properties. One element they all have in common is the studio behind their productions, named Almond Studios, the names of staff members involved are written in an unknown language, unreadable even for The Shopkeeper, with some exceptions. The location of the studio, or if the studio exists at all is unknown.

Some of the notable Backrooms related media includes:

Title Type Content
The Discovery of the Backrooms Movie A 82 minute-long movie told from the perspective of a Frontrooms native protagonist named Frederic Benjamin Bartholomew XI4, explaining how the concept of The Backrooms became viral on the Frontrooms, and the discovery of Level 0. The plot proceeds with the protagonist having multiple dreams and visions about The Backrooms, until he is eventually transported to Level 0, and killed by an unknown entity after 15 minutes of exploration, the movie has a post-credit scene showing M.E.G. members finding his body.
The Liminal Hunter Animated Series An 30 episode-long animation telling the story of a wanderer who's name is unpronounceable and unreadable, that was transported alongisde his family from The Frontrooms to Level 9, witnessed his parents getting killed by the entities on Level 9 and started working as an entity hunter to survive. The series follows a "Monster of the Week" type of plot, each episode featuring a new entity, on the last episode the protagonist fights his final battle against entity [REDACTED]
The Odyssey of Jerry Movie A 300 minute-long movie telling an overdramaticized propaganda-like story about Jerry. While other analyzed media from the main room is accurate to the actual Backrooms known logic, this movie and others from the Jerry series are considered exagerated even for Backrooms standards, showing Jerry as a god capable of feats such as destroying and creating entire levels with ease, beating some of the strongest known entities and even summoning portals to The Frontrooms. The movie's production is described as being "terribly amateurish", with low quality footage, bad use of camera and sound direction, poor acting, badly designed cover, among other problems.
Ultimate Party Heroes Videogame A 3rd person shooter game with graphics similar to that of ████████ 64 games. The character you control is a Partygoer armed with a Squirt Gun that shoots birthday candles, and the goal of the game is to kill a determined amount of Partypoopers before you ran out of time. Shooting at other regular entities lowers your score, but some entities such as The Game Master and the Mangled acts as bosses in the levels where they appear. There are bonus stages set on sub levels where the goal is to turn as many humans as possible into Partygoers. Entity 161 appears in the game as an item seller, selling upgrades for your Squirt Gun in exchange for a portion of your HP, that can be recovered during gameplay by collecting cakes and bottles of Almond Water across the levels. The game is described by wanderers as "a surprinsgly good game".
The Remodeling Crew Live-action Series A sitcom with multiple seasons and hundreds of episodes, telling about the Backrooms Remodeling Co. The main characters are a group of employees of different ranks, the protagonist is a silver-ranked employee named Cap'n (the same Cap'n already interviewed by wanderers), his main personality trait in the series is his obsession with the Backrooms remodeling work. When the main conflict of the episode arrives, such as a dangerous entity chasing wanderers or other Remodeling Co employees, Cap'n and the other characters start mindlessly using their Reality Fresheners, usually causing the creation of a sub-level and massive destruction, then Cap'n proceeds to say his catchphrase: "Just another day on the Backrooms" before the episode ends. Other common jokes includes employees dying violent deaths while others ignore and treat it as a minor thing, and Cap'n asking Toaster "what do you think, Toaster?" whenever he has doubts about any topic, but with no response from Toaster, followed by a background laugh track.

The Shopkeeper's desk Discs

In the Shopkeeper's Desk that are a few Liminal Discs that, according to them, "deviates from the rest of the shop's content". Although those Discs are still rentable, they have exorbitant prices, making them impossible to properly analyze, some titles include:

Title Type Content
The Goddess of Ard Nu'yr Movie A 360-minute long movie, the cover consists of a book with no visible text and a starry sky with a full moon on the background. The only credited staff member is the director, named Khari. The movie's rent price is 1000 portions of Royal Rations.
Tgochi.exe 2 Game A sequel of Tgochi.exe with better graphics and more gameplay mechanics, the only information about it is on screenshots on the disc box. The game's rent price is 200 liters of Liquid Silence
Backrooms: In-depth Origins Movie A 1143 minute-long documentary telling the detailed history of The Backrooms, as described in the synopis on the disc box, written in english. The movie's rent price is 7000 liters of Memory Juice plus 200 Reality Fresheners.
Level 106X Unknown The box has only a photo of something that is better left unknown. It has no set price, any attempts to rent it were rejected.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

There are no bases or outposts on Level 582, however, wanderers tend to spent a lot of time, sometimes even months on the level, enjoying the content it has to offer.

Entrances And Exits


Naming a file on any computer of the Backrooms as "VideoFantasy582" has a 0.5% chance of making you no-clip into Level 582.

Another method is by picking a book with a CD on the cover on Level 906, ask Blanche for the location of this book.


The level can be exited through the exit door on the main room, or by no-clipping in the areas 25 meters from the shop. Only the first method is recommended.

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