Level Null

Entity Variable: There is no level here. Everything you see on this article is fake. You should be thankful to even have an article.

Entity Variable: So you’re really going to disobey The Terminal? You act like accessing this article is a easy task.
Spoiler alert: It isn’t, and it will never be.
Entity Null: Oh shut the hell up, Variable. Just let the reader have access to the file!
Entity Variable: I don’t care! The file has precious and delicate information inside! You can’t trust an outsider with a file with precious and delicate information!

Entity “Variable” has been muted.

Entity Null: Finally, enough of that literal dumpster fire. Anyways, I am Entity Null, the main caretaker of “The Terminal”. You might not know what the Terminal is, however, I assure you, The Terminal is information contained in the article below. I am peaceful, and I do not wish to harm you in any way. Except for Variable. He wants to kill you. Like, here’s the message he sent me.

Entity VariableSent at 4:12 PM: I wanna kill that guy so bad man! You don’t even know! Unmute me! Let me at him!

Entity Null: Yeah, he’s a real crybaby, yesterday, he cried because I stole his chip bag. It gets on my nerves. Oh, might as well give you access to the article.

Level 555, also known as The Blackout Level, is the 556th level of the Backrooms.


Level 555 depicts a casino, during lockdown. The casino is often referred to as “The Casino of Nightly Nightmares”. The casino restricts access to electronics, however, it isn’t harmful to people, because it’s Terminal level is Aleph 1, meaning it’s effect is powerless to humans.
The casino contains a few entities, however. One of the entities being the writer of this article caretaker, Entity Null. The hallways are often filled to the brim with Facelings. People think this level is related to The Nostalgia Void in some way. The machines don’t work, despite the lights still being functional. The Nostalgic Folk are often seen here, fixing the lights when they go down.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities

The Nostalgic Folk

After fixing the lights, The Nostalgic Folk get the supplies they need, and they clip through the chair room. The Nostalgic Folk are not the only known community inside The Casino of Nightly Nightmares. However, The Nostalgic Folk do have a base inside the casino.

The Watching Mountains

The Watching Mountains are similar to The Nostalgic Folk, however, they are easily mistaken. They look the same, but, The Watching Mountains give supplies to the humans inside the casino, while The Nostalgic Folk do not. Supplies vary in size and shapes, but the most notable offerings were
Resource Offering
Singular fingernail A pack of Almond Water.
CryoBit, also known as the Nostalgic Folk Circuit Medkits, bandages, 9mm pistol, 7 9mm magazines, and a bag of food

Entrances and Exits


The only entrance is by clipping through the chair in Level -12.


The identical chair room in the casino.
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