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Class 2

  • Safe
  • Unsecure
  • Low Entity Count

Level 513 is the 514th Level of the Backrooms. This Level is an infinite, green carpeted building.


Level 513 is an infinite building consisting of many tight hallways and rooms. The walls are made of wood and green carpet covers the floor. Pipes can be found at the ceiling, the purpose of these pipes is still unclear. Most hallways and rooms are completely dark, but it is possible to find some lamps here and there. However, it is still recommended to bring a light source, like a flashlight.

No matter how long you spend in the Level, you will always find at least one window, usually behind a table. This windows is a trap and should not be approached.

Many rooms exist in this Level, most of them being completely empty. The doors to some rooms might even be locked, but no working keys have been found yet. Some rooms contain resources, like a single bottle of Almond Water, but even this is quite rare.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

There are no known bases, outposts or communities on this level.

Common Hallucinations

  • Paintings on the walls look like they're moving
  • Sounds from underneath the carpet
  • Doors that immediately disappear when blinking or looking away for a short time
  • Music playing from one of the rooms, stopping as soon as you face the room where it's coming from

Entrances And Exits


The only known way to get here is by willingly destroying the plant life in the green areas of Level 255. If you do this, the next hallway you go through in the Level will lead you here with no going back.


You can exit this Level by going through a door surrounded by pipes. This will lead you all the way back to Level 2. If you manage to fall asleep on a bed in one of the many rooms, you will wake up in Level 11. However, this is not recommened, since an entity could easily find you. If wood from the wooden walls starts to peel off or the floor starts creaking more than usual, you are currently entering Level 513.1.

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