BaconInspect:Level 194 - "Cyanomemory"
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Class 2E

  • Unsafe
  • Secure
  • Devoid of Entities

Photo of Level 194 from December 14 2019.

Level 194 is the 195th Level of the Backrooms.


Level 194 takes on connected rooms with uniform blue walls, floors and ceilings. Level 194's environment is almost similar to Level 0's except some portions of the level are long, complex hallways with vast different patterns.

It is recommended to be careful traveling this level as you may trip by the floor lights,
Level 194 is fully lit and it is unnecessary to bring a light source, however your vision is to be worried about.

"Floor Lights"

Floor lights are the main source of lighting in Level 194 and is the most common source of burn and injury. Unlike others, floor lights are specifically placed on the floor and they appear to be abnormally hot to organisms excluding inanimate objects.

Bases, Outposts and Communities


Small rooms that consist of a small green rolling bed and a cardboard box with sufficient amount of food and Almond Water can be found while traveling the level, the rooms have no other light source than a small lamp that seems to have infinite battery life so it is safe to stay there without worrying about touching the floor lights. However, the rooms have no door of any sort.


Green colored staircases leading into large basements can be found in hallways. Such basements consist of nothing but ventilation shafts.

The Northwest Outpost

An large room can be found somewhere in the Northwest section of the Level, the room consists of several makeshift bunk beds and stacked cardboard boxes containing necessary supplies like food, medication, standard lamps and Almond Water. Most floor lights in the room are covered with large makeshift lids to prevent survivors from touching the floor lights, however it is very infrequent to meet other survivors in the Outpost.


There have been reports of bright, blurry entities following wanderers in this Level but the entities reported appear to be hallucinations caused by the floor lights.

The "Circle"

An massive circular room can be found on the northern section of the level, the room is big enough for one to see the dense fog, several square-shaped holes enough for a human to fit and fall in can be found on the room's floor, by falling into a quiet, noiseless hole you can either teleport into a random Level or be back where you started in Level 194, there is also deep, echoing screams that seem to come out of specific holes, however we did tests and these holes seem to be bottomless, with no escape. An massive spiral staircase that appears to lead one to the same room whether you go up or down can be found exactly in the middle of the room. Floor lights in the room also appear to be abnormally bright so it is not recommended to stare at them for long periods of time.

The "Southern Tunnel"

The "Southern Tunnel" is a gigantic tunnel found somewhere in the southern section of the level, the tunnel can be accessed by going into an massive room where one will eventually see the tunnel on the distance, you will have to walk your way through to reach the tunnel, going far inside the tunnel will lead you to an smaller space consisting of an rusted steel door and an slightly damaged box filled with bottles of Almond Water

Entrances And Exits


Level 194 can be accessed from tilting your head upside down in Level 0 into
No-clipping into a body of water in any Level, survivors with cyanophobia will have an 1 in 80 chance of accessing Level 194 whenever they exit any Level apart from Level 194.


Leaving Level 194 can range from entering the rusted steel door inside the "Southern Tunnel" into falling in one of the quiet, noiseless holes in the "Circle" and entering an red door that occasionally teleports across the western section of the Level.

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