Level 555

Survival Difficulty: Phi
》Varying Safety
》Friendly Entities
Level 555 has the appearance of a brightly lit school. There is many rooms, some of which are classrooms with normal windows, through which you can see a night sky and some light posts . This Level has a lot of diffrent rooms, each with diffrent stuff on them. Most variables of these rooms are cafeterias, classrooms, halls and bathrooms. The cafeterias are full of almond water and can be a safe space for many adventurers. The bathrooms are like the ones in the frontrooms, but the tap water can be almond water or any other liquid in the backrooms. The classrooms have young dullers and an adult faceling. In them, you can learn something you may have forgotten. The halls are the main rooms of the Level and have doors to any other rooms.

Somewhere in the Level you can find an staircase, leading to the next floor of the building, in which there are 4.

Floor 1 - The floor you start in. Yellow and Orange walls with many cafeterias. No hostile entities.

Floor 2 - Like Floor 1, but more desaturated. There is a TV in one of the halls. Less cafeterias and bathrooms can have smilers in them

Floor 3 - No more colors. The walls are White and the rooms are dark. No more cafeterias and classrooms now have child facelings. There is an exit to the hub here, a room with the text on the whiteboard with the Konami code on its corner. The room is called the Konami Whiteboard room.

Floor 4 - An completely dark gymnasium, which is full of child facelings, smilers and sometimes wretches. Not recommended

Enter a school on Level 11.
Noclip through the floor on Level 52.

Go through the windows to get to Level 9
Go in the TV in the second floor to get to Level 11
Execute the Konami code in the Konami whiteboard room to get to The Hub
Break an piece of the ceiling on Floor 4 and crawl through it to get to an completely safe level =)

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